What up? I am Rekita!
Kita-Bita to my mom! I am a graphic and web designer, and I am PASSIONATE about inspiring other creatives to get their blog and business POPPIN'! I am also dabbling into photography! I am a Georgia Peach, graduate of Georgia State University, and mother of 3 little beautiful humans who keep me on my toes (and knees). So, stay awhile, put on your blinders, and let's get it poppin'!

What I do...

I create COLOR POPPIN' logo/branding, blog/web design, and stationery design for entrepreneurs and bloggers! I also specialize in creating beautiful  WORDPRESS and SQUARESPACE designs for your blog, to display your photography, to sell your products, or to showcase your recipes. Let's show your gift to the world and get it Poppin'!

Yeah, I also blog! Yep! Giving you tips on  how to use blogging and social media to promote your business and expand your community of creatives! And a few little hacks and tricks...Sounds fun right?!


So, hey...what do you need?



You have your vision and voice...but let's work on that visual!  Let's get that logo poppin'!


WEB Design

You have the branding, now let's show it to the world! Let's get your business poppin' on the internet!


Lay Photography

Make your website pop with custom lay photography or with a pre-made stock photo!


Recent Works