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About ya girl!




God, my kiddos, my family, being a creative.


Coffee, Nikes, Game of Thrones, Atlanta Falcons, & Stationery.


Sweet tea, music, dancing, & Elephants!


a little about me...


Hello, there! My name is Rekita and I am curly-head-crazy-goofy girl that was born and raised in Atlanta, Georgia. I graduated from Georgia State University in 2007 with a Bachelor of Arts & Sciences. I have been creating brands and website for 3 years now. WHAT?! I have three little beautiful humans, two boys and one little diva. I am passionate about expressing my creativity and showing my children that they can follow their dreams despite their circumstances.  I love eating and being that even possible?  I still watch cartoons and I am a confessed Netflix-Binger and Stationery Hoarder. 


what I do...

I specialize in Wordpress, and Squarespace design.  I also offer logo and branding services. I am here to make your space in the internet beautiful, organized, and unique! 

I work with a variety of clients. Whether you are a photographer, own an online boutique, or you are a lifestyle blogger, I am here to help so love your design solutions and make it beautiful and stand out from the rest.

I understand the importance of a beautiful and well organized design to woo and wow your readers. Work with me to take your blog or website to the next level and expand your brand! 


all in the design

Designing is my passion! It can be very tedious, but it something I love doing and it is very rewarding to see my work on the "small" screen. I am also passionate about teaching other creatives the importance of blogging and social media to grow your business. 


Behind the Scenes: 

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