Recently Launched! : Lady Brio Photography

Happy Tuesday, everyone! On my last post, I forgot to mention that I have also been designing like CRAY-ZAY!  But I am so excited to share with you a squarespace design that just launched this week: Lady Brio Photography

Beth, Lady Brio, is a photographer located in Central Ohio. Her specialty is graduating high school seniors, but she does photograph other ages such as "Brio Ladies" like myself.  Beth's portfolio is so bright, full of color, and full of life and we wanted that to shine in her new website. 

Beth already had in mind what colors she wanted. She wanted to cater and appeal to high school seniors. She wanted something colorful and bright, but not too "in-your-face". We thought that bright pinks and peaches would be the perfect colors to offset her main color, teal/turquoise. She also wanted some texture, so we added some dots and watercolors to her brand. 



The Website


We used Squarespace to bring Beth's brand and photography to life. Some think you can't do alot of customizing with squarespace, but according to Beth's new website, I beg to differ. I added a little coding and she will still be able to maintain her own website at ease. We were able to showcase her photography in large beautifully galleries that is easy for viewer to use.  She also had a fully integrated shop for her clients to schedule sessions. I think it turned out beautifully and FUN! Oh and she takes such gorgeous photos!!!! GAHHHH!!!! I think I need some head shots! 


So when you have chance, please go check out Lady Brio Photography and see this beautiful design live and in action! 

xo, Rekita

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Hello! Anyone here?!

I am still alive! 

I do apologize for the quietness around here. Things have been a little crazy lately. I am trying to move closer to family and I seek employment. Don't get scared, I am not retiring Rekita Nicole...I would never do that, this is my baby. I just need to secure a consistent paycheck and get some benefits to take care of my three little kiddos (who are now big and eating me out of house and home).

I have also been trying to exercise more and eat healthier. I don't call it a diet, I call it a lifestyle, because its not a temporary change. So having that attitude, I have lost almost 30 lbs! I was trying on pants and grabbed a 12 and 10.  The size 10 was literally falling off of me. I broke down in tears right in the fitting room. I have been working so hard and been so stressed out and depressed about things that occurred recently in my life. So this has been one of the happiest moments since my divorce. 

So I am saying all this to say, my kids are my number one priority and I have to take care of them the best way I can.  

But we gon' be aight! (Kendrick Lamar voice)

Meanwhile, download this for inspiration!

Download White | Download Blue

xo, Rekita

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Moodboard Monday: Popcorn

Happy Monday! Today for Mood Board Monday, I am sharing a mood board all about POPCORN!! That Confetti Popcorn looks os good...too bad I am on a diet! 

Have a great weekend, everyone!

Mood Board: Popcorn sources:  Striped Popcorn / The Every Girl, Popcorn Typography /  Heather Baros, Confetti Popcorn / She Wears Many Hats

Mood Board: Popcorn

sources:  Striped Popcorn / The Every Girl, Popcorn Typography /  Heather Baros, Confetti Popcorn / She Wears Many Hats

xo, Rekita 


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