How To Create a Testimonial Block in Squarespace

It is a squarespace hack!!! You will learning how to create testimonial block for your Squarespace template. It works for every template, so no worries. If you have question just comment below!

You can follow this tutorial in three ways.  You can go through the written steps. You can take a look at the slides. Or you can watch the video and follow along with me as I show you how to accomplish this Squarespace Hack! 

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Depression is so real. Yet, so are you.

I've been writing this post in my head for months, didn't have the courage to share it. A part of me was scared of what people may think of me, another part was scared of what my mom would say if she read it....but here goes. 

In the beginning of 2015, I suffered from depression. It was very severe because I've never ever been depressed. My mom described me as a happy child and I grew up like that. Happy. Always a friend. Always the person people go to for comfort or to make them smile or laugh again. In 2015, I was extremely unhappy. I was the one in a room full people but felt alone. I felt like I was drowning and I felt extremely guilty about the divorce from my husband of 7 years but someone I had known for 17 years. I was in constant agony. 

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PersonalRekita Nicole
Let It Go: 5 Things Holding You Back In Business

It is important for those of us who are serial entrepreneurs or multi-passionates, to ensure that not only are we making money, but we’re fulfilled by our work. In order to do this, we may need to let go of some things so we can move forward as happier entrepreneurs. Seriously, make your own list, and then let it go. Here are my 5 “let it go,” suggestions. by Sabrina Brawner

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Rekita Nicoletips, guest post
How To Brand your Secondary Income

You have a second business to support yourself or your family. So does your best friend. And your other friend. And even that one person who really isn’t a close friend but knows all of your social circle and can easily earn their business if you don’t work fast and hard enough. Of course, you don’t truly have time for that because you have an actual full time job, too! RATS.

I know this sounds familiar to a LOT of you. Fear not…there are a multitude of things you can do to make the limited number of hours you have during the week to spend on your secondary business count in BIG ways. What’s even better is you don’t have to do them all at once –just pick one, and I am going to tell you what that “one” is very soon!

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Anatomy of the Perfect Homepage

Hey Fam! Yes, I love to think of my reader as family. or friends or homies...or whatever. Anywho, as it pertains to my business, my website is my home and my social media platforms are my cars (2017 Audis preferably). My website is where I want people to go to learn more about me and my services, and my blog.  Where is the first place people go or the first people see when entering your home. Your living room. When you invite people over, your living/family room accommodates your guests, right? So think of homepage as your living room at home. Your homepage should accommodate your readers/audience. 

So in your living room you have seating and some sort of other words, you have something for your guest(s) to do. Your homepage should give your reader tons of stuff to do. So what should go on your homepage?

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How To...Rekita Nicoletips
Things You Should Do Before Hiring a Designer

So you have a business and blog but you want to take it to the next level and have a website to display your talents, services, and products. But how do you prepare to hire a web designer? Yes, you need to prepare to hire a web designer. You don't hire a plumber without out having the toilet or the money to pay the plumber. You certainly do not hire a wedding paneer that is not within your budget. There are some necessary steps to take before hiring a designer to make your dream come to life.

  • Research
  • Budget
  • Purchase
  • Subscribe
  • Content Readiness
  • Socialization
  • Studying / Playing

Taking these steps will help your design process go by smoothly and make your prospective designer very happy, if you care, lol. 

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Web DesignRekita Nicoletips
6 ways to not be Basic on Social Media!

When running a business, especially an online business, it is so important to show your presence around social media. Whether you use instagram, pinterest, twitter, or Facebook, you always need to be tragic in how you show off your work, products, or even YOU!  One thing you do not want to do is to be basic, you know..plain, unordinary, not unique.  In order to to be “non-basic” you must stand out out from the rest and think outside of the box. 

Here are some way to be NOT basic is social media when it comes to your business.

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