The Balancing Act...And I'm no Gymnast.

Being a single mom of 3 and a business owner can be very stressful, yet rewarding. The hardest part is balancing between my family, work, and having a personal life. Between being a mommy, a graphic & web designer, and a HUMAN BEING, life can be pretty hectic. I am changing diapers, managing clients, going to doctors visits, coding, and keeping my kids from fighting. And sometimes, I go to sleep. Sometimes. 


The Lenova YOGA Tablet 2 Pro, designed by the actor Ashton Kutcher helps combine my family life, my business life, and my personal life. I can check and possibly respond to my emails, set reminders, and play music while I work.  The speakers emit a great sound which helps me tune out my kids acting crazy.


The Lenova Tablet is great for home-use. It is very versatile and has 4 ways that you can use it.  You can hold it, stand it, tilt it, or hang it. Yes, like hang it on the wall.  Isn't that amazing?! So when I have to break up a fight between my 20 month and my 3 year old, I can just pick it up, lay down some law, and then get back to work. 


What is also great about this tablet is that the battery lasts approximately 15 hours of in-use time, which is more hours than any other tablet I have used. 


I love that I can see the apps that I regularly use on the home screen. I get notifications of tweets, Facebook posts, Pinterest, and emails all in one place. A great way for me to stay on top of things.


I even use this tablet while cooking meals for me and my little kiddos. The Lenovo YOGA Tablet is very light-weight. It is so light that I can hang it up on any wall and I able to watch my favorite shows or binge watch on Netflix while cooking. Yes, I watch American Dad!. 



Because of this innovative tablet, we have started a new tradition in our family. Friday nights are "MOVIE NIGHTS!" The tablet comes equipped with a Pico projector in its barrel to project movies onto the wall.  So me and the kids eat popcorn or pizza and enjoy a movie right in the comfort our home! Yes, we loved Mr. Peabody and Sherman. 

So, go check out how other bloggers are using this amazing tablet by going to the Trend Hub at, you might see me there!  I highly encourage you do check it, You might have a chance to win a Lenova Tablet of your own! 


Also, check out these links to learn more! 

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For more information on the tablet, go to


xo, Rekita


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Apartment Hunting + Living

I have been apartment hunting in the Atlanta-Area for months. And it so freaking FRUSTRATING! Finding the right apartment, in the right area, with the right price, and with the right schools is so hard. Especially when you are looking and they only show pictures of the clubhouse, the pool, and the community area. Those things are great, but can I please see where I am going to live?!

Anywho, there is a silver lining to apartment hunting which is looking forward to something new and DECORATING! I am looking forward to decorating a place of my own and it says REKITA! So, of course Pinterest has been a great check out some of my favorite finds! 

Image via 

I am love with the color of this living room. My favorite accent pieces is the rug and the ottoman. 


Image via

I love the glass top on this desk and the idea of having chairs on the other side of the desk. It looks so professional even though my kids may be the only ones sitting in those chairs.  Since I loooooove to read, I love the little reading nook behind the desk. Not sure if I can get that in an apartment but I can think of ways to make that happen. 


Image via

I actually saw the lamp at Target (aka Tarjay). I almost grabbed it, but I think I will next time I am there. I also love this pouf, even though my kids might use is as kick-ball. 


I LOVE the color of this couch! That's it, I just love the color.


Image via

Image via

I am not really a fan of all white, reminds me of hospitals. But I love pops of color and shapes. So this lamp is perfect for me!!!! 


Have any tips on apartment hunting and living? 

Also follow my Apartment Living board on Pinterest!

xo, Rekita

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A Blog Makeover: Food, Folks, & Fun!

Happy Hump Day! I am so excited to share my latest brand and website launch for a popular food blog called Food, Folks & Fun created by the master chef and mom, Jillian! Her food blog looks absolutely delicious and makes me drool every time I visit. Can she just come to my house and cook for me and my kiddos? I would definitely pay her with love! HA! Jillian's mission for her blog, Food, Folks, & fun is to share "Restaurant Quality Recipes for the Home Cook". 

Jillian wanted her food blog to have a modern look with a splash of pink. However, she also wanted it to speak to the "home" or "folks" aspect of her blog.  I think we pretty much succeeded at that by adding the plate and knife & fork graphics along with polka dots for texture.. Check out the rest of Food, Folks, & Fun branding process and the launch of her website. I also gave her facebook and twitter pages a cohesive look! 

Marketing Collateral


Website Design - Wordpress

Jillian's website has a recipe index feature and I also customized the EasyRecipe plug-in to fit the design of her website. 

So if you are looking for some new recipes or you are just hungry, I highly visiting Jillian from Food, Folks, & Fun! Bon Apetite!

xo, Rekita 

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