Your Personal Brand VS Your Business Brand

Everyone has a personal brand, whether they know it or not. Your personal brand is what you put out into the world - your values, your style, your personality. It's what you're known for as a person. If your coworkers get upset because you don't work as hard as they do...sorry, that's part of your personal brand. If it's important to you to have a spic-and-span house for visitors, then congrats, being a  good housekeeper is part of your personal brand.

If you're a business owner, then you get yelled at from all directions of the internet about how you need to establish a brand for your BUSINESS, too. I'm not talking about designing a logo, people. Push your visuals to the backburner for a moment. I'm talking about what your business stands for. Why it exists, what values it focuses on, the specific GOOD that it puts out into the world. Every move you make in your business gives your potential clients information about what's important to your business.

If you are a solopreneur or a freelancer, chances are, you are the face of your business. You post as your business/you, you tweet as your business/you, you comment on others' posts as your business/you, you "selfiegram" as your business/you. It's really easy to see how closely tied your personal brand and your business brand can get, but as a business owner, you need to make sure to lay some ground rules for yourself to create a little distinction.

Here are just a few of the areas you should think about when deciding what to share and what not to share as your business entity:


15 Logo Design Mistakes to Avoid

First impressions are everything, especially for a startup business. With a split second to grab viewers attention, your logo can make or break your business. Do not have the business with excellent products or services no one will see because of poor design.

I want to help you make that great first impression. Better yet, how to not make the wrong impression. Design a great logo and look out for the common logo design mistakes.

Squarespace 101: Setting Up + Choosing a Template

When you are just starting out on your blogging or business journey, it can be really intimidating trying to figure out what platform you should use for your website.  Of course, the two most popular choices are Wordpress and Squarespace.  I love both platforms, and believe that they each serve different businesses and bloggers.  For me, I love Squarespace because it saves me time - I don’t have to worry about keeping my site up-to-date or making sure my security is rock solid...Squarespace does that for me.  It eases my mind and frees up some time - super important when you’re a solo business owner.

Today, I wanted to walk through the first steps here...setting up your site and account, as well as choosing a template

Yo, Branding is NOT Your Logo

I’m going to tell you something, and it’s going to rock your world. OK, maybe not rock your world, but hopefully, at the end of this post, your perspective will change. For a while, the word “branding” has been used interchangeably with logo. Not just by consumers, by designers too. It’s not a fault, it just happened. But it's time to put an end to this lie, so I’m here to tell you, branding and logo are not the same things.

In fact, branding is so much more than a logo.

Let’s dive in...

My Branding & Web Design Process

Hey peeps! SoI have been busy busy busy helping my clients launch their brands, rebrands, and websites. But behind the scenes, there is a lot going on that many people are not aware of.  Today I am sharing the behind the scenes of my branding and web design process that my clients experience. I am using the beautiful Madison Short from Madison Short Photography for my example. She specializes in wedding photography and let me tell, her photos are GORGEOUS!!!!!! We just rebranded and launched her new website last week for her photography business! I am so happy for her! 

5 Ways to Brand Your Website or Blog


The best way to get your ideal audience to your blog or website is to appeal to them. One of the biggest ways to do that is through consistent branding. Done correctly, with branding you can appeal to your target market and also stand out in your niche and let’s be honest, it’s pretty challenging to stand out in a niche that’s saturated. Take me for example, I just didn’t comprehend the sheer number of talented people that are in the website and brand design niche! It’s like being in a crowded supermarket, but you know what? Donning yourself head-to-toe with hypothetical (or even literal?) neon clothing, waving a huge lighted up flag and the like would probably get you noticed and it’s much better if your target audience are into that kind of thing so you do you. I’m just going to show you ways to brand your website or blog that’ll help make you the neon clad person in the crowded supermarket.

Without further ado, here’s 10 ways you can effectively brand your website or blog:

How to DIY Your Own Logo & Stand Out!

If you were like me and started a business out of nowhere (completely out of the blue), you probably did not have the funds to hire a designer to design your logo. I will admit, looking back at the logos I designed for my business, I was horrified.  (And I thought I was the juice, too, HA!). They were completely unoriginal, they lacked depth, and they were not telling a story.  My story. I knew I wanted to stand out in a sea of thousands of designers.  I also knew that I wanted my logo to be impossible to copy.  I have had that issue before.  So, how do you create your own logo and still stand out, INEXPENSIVELY?

Here are my tips on how to do that: 

4 Main Reasons Pretty Graphics Won’t Help You

I’ve had so many potential clients run away from me screaming when I told them they needed to sort out a few things before I even considered taking a look at the messy-but-detailed sketch they brought/sent to me. Outside of the funny looks, rolled eyes and unanswered emails, they say things like “Who do you think you are?” and “You don’t understand. This is the brand!” or my favorite “It doesn’t matter as long as you get paid, right? Just do it.” And I’m caught between wanting to smack them upside the head or hug them.

Stuck in a Facebook Rut? Increase Engagement on Facebook with these 6 types of Posts

Creating content for Facebook isn’t easy. Coming up with engaging images, ideas, and knowing exactly what to post isn’t easy. In fact, it’s such a struggle that biz owners stop posting ::: That is a BIG no no! If you are discouraged, frustrated, and tired of dealing with Facebook, I am hoping that this blog post will help you in creating engaging Facebook posts.

Yep…Facebook posts where you will get  likes, comments, and even shares, crazy right?! Read on to see how to Get Out of Your Facebook Rut & Increase Engagement with These 6 Types of Posts!

The Beginner’s Guide to Taking Stunning Styled & Staged Blog Photos

We all know those amazing Instagram pics with amazing layout, super cute props, and a really chic background. Have you ever seen them and just straight up thought, “how.. even…?”

Yeah, I know. We all have.

But you don’t have to stay in that rut of a mix of admiration and disbelief. You can start taking your own photos just like that, and all you need is your phone and just a few things hanging around the house!