New Stuff + Happy Halloween!

So, my custom designs have been on a month long hiatus. I have been working hard on other client projects and working on myself. I needed to sharpen my knife and learn more about my business. So I am changing the way I do business. It will be a little more formal, a lot more organized, and a whole lot more professional. 

So here is what's new...

Logo and Branding Package.jpg

A New Logo Branding Package.

It will include the basic logo design, stationary, sticker, and business card design. It will also include Facebook and Twitter designs.  Click here to learn more.

Wordpress E-commerce Package + Shopify.

I am designing shops! Yes, so let's make your shop prettier and more accessible! Learn more here.

A Better Customer Experience.

All new custom design clients will receive a complimentary coffee mug or tumbler with their logo on it. Ain't I nice? I know. I am also taking only two custom web design clients per month. This is so I can give each client the best of my time and give the the best service ever! It is on a first come, first served basis and the first slot for this month is already booked. So get your requests in! I am also only taking 4 clients for logo/branding design. Click to fill out a design inquiry form. 

I have a lot more things going on, but I'll have to wait to share that! Anywho...

Happy Halloween from the 3 Cs! (Cameron, Carmyn, and Christopher)

Have a great weekend!  - Rekita