How To Promote your Business On Social Media

Having your own business is hard, especially when you are a mother of 3. Three little bad ass (but beautiful) kids. I have to be the designer, accountant, lawyer, bookkeeper, budget analyst, counselor, booger-picker, chef, chauffeur, nap-time warden, maid, lego-picker-upper,  and nurse. So with all that, I have to be be my biggest promoter since I don't have a budget for advertising just yet. Even though you do have the budget, it helps that you re your biggest pimp...err, I mean promoter.  These are some ways I have learned to promote my graphic design business...


Have a blog

Having a blog can show people what you do behind the scenes. For Instance, I show the process of developing and creating a logo by showing my reader s how it all comes together. I also show them the finish product. This helps my future clients see my process, my creativity, and most importantly, the PRODUCT. Also make sure that your post is pin-able. Meaning, use a nice picture as the displaying your product so those pinners can help spread the word about your business. Of course,  you will need to pin, tweet,  share on Facebook, and etc your post. 


Join Facebook Groups

I have received a lot of traffic and community support by joining Facebook groups. Some groups have designated days where they require you to share a social media account and/or links to a specific page. You will also be encouraged follow or share the link of others in the group. It is a great way to share your content and it helps you grow a fan base. I have a group on Facebook called, Love. Post. Blog where we share our blogs posts and somedays we share our social media accounts.


Post your Latest Product(s) via Twitter

Twitter, for me, can be hit or miss. Twitter goes so fast and people often can miss your latest tweet promoting your product. The best way to promote your business or products is to post a tweet with a picture. People sometimes go back and look at the photos you tweeted, even if it was two years ago. Try finding a tweet with just a link from two years ago. Needle in a haystack, especially for me because I tweet every minute of Scandal. Oh, I almost forgot, it is very important that you shorten your links so your tweets can be "re-tweetable". You can this by using, it shortens your url  links and you can even customize it to your liking.  Trust me, no one wants to that all the work tweaking your tweet to retweet it.


Pinning your Products

For Pinterest, your focus should be on Images, Keywords, and Time.  

pinning your products.jpg

For the images, they say use more vertical images because they show up on the feed bigger. I am always prone to use horizontal pics for my blog, however it is true that I tend click on the vertical images more than the horizontal. Us humans are weird, I know. It is also important, I am working on doing this myself, to add descriptive alt text to your images. So, save your image as "how to promote business social media.jpg" instead of "promote.jpg". When readers pin the image, the description will show up as what the image is saved as. 9 times out of 10, I f I pin your image I probably won't correct the description and the the pin gets lost in Pinterest-Space. This leads me to my next topic...

Keywords are so important for people like me who search for stuff. Make sure that when you are pinning your products yourself, that your description is very descriptive. Like instead of saying "Soft Colorful Pillow"...say "This Vibrant and Colorful Pillow is so Comfortable and will look great in any room!"

Time is also important because you want to pin your posts ant the best time which is when everyone is pinning. I normally brows through pinterest at night and even  late-late night when I am trying to sleep. According to, you should pin your posts at these times...

From: 2pm to 4pm  | 8pm to 1am

Post Your Products on Instagram

Posting my services and products on Instagram has been very successful for me. I get a lot of my business from "instagrammers". When I have a new product or service for sell, I always post it on Instagram. I usually write #Ontheblog I am sharing..." I also follow up my description with some hashtags pertaining to my business and us a hashtag naming my business. For example, I use  #graphicdesign, #webdesign, and #rekitanicoledesign. I use a lot more, but I don't want to bore you.  Most importantly, since Instagram is all about sharing photos, POST beautiful pictures and don't bore people with long blog posts on Instagram. 

*Note: Also encourage others to tag people on your post who need your product or services. Hell, tag your friends. 

Some of you might already know this information, but it doesn't hurt to have a refresher or reminder. For all you newbies out there, good luck. 

PS. I wanted to share with you this awesome iconographic from that helped me schedule my social media posts. I even set alarms to remind me. 

Have a Wonderful Wednesday, loves.