I'm a Hot Mess.

Put an emphasis on hot. And Mess. I have a bunch of new followers via bloglovin, twitter, and instagram. So I think this is a great time to re-introduce myself. 

This silly, but beautiful person (inside and out) above is me, Rekita Nicole. I am from Atlanta Georgia and I create pretty things. I have three beautiful kids, (2 boys and 1 girl) and they are my life's greatest hoy and accomplishment. They are bad, but they are sweethearts. 

I am a freelance web developer and designer. I am still learning about branding, but I do that as well. I love to draw and just like creating things. My eggs are never in one basket. Sometimes I fry them, but, whatever! I am addicted to chocolate and Scandal. I love old school rap, Prince,  Queen Bey is my homie, some Taylor, and some good ol' twerk music. I love God, life, my family, and color. I am all about having fun, laughing, and just being happy.

I say my life is a hot mess, because it is. There is never a dull moment in my life. Never. I solve one problem, then another problem arises. I have gone through many ups and downs. If there were just ups wouldn't that be boring?

Anywho as appreciation to my new and old readers, I have a a freebie for you! Please steal it, pin it, tweet it, like it, or do whatever to it! 

Desktop | iPad | Iphone

Have a terrific Tuesday, loves! 

- Rekita