Who's Who | instagram

I studied Journalism in college and one thing I learned that really stuck with me is, "agenda-setting". Agenda setting is basically the mass media telling you what you should think about or what should be news, i.e. what should be important. So, with that being said, I am basically going to start influencing you to go follow certain blogs, or any other social accounts. Today, I am sharing my most favorite instagrammers. Their post are absolutely beautiful, clean, colorful, crisp, fun, uplifting, and I can't think of anymore adjectives. I highly encourage yo follow these accounts because they give me inspiration and they are so freakin' talented and creative! 

Don't worry, you can thank me later! 


The owner of the beautiful instagram and blog is Courtney and she is ah-mazing. Her instagram is filled with quotes, color, and her typography (which I am crushing on).  She is a "must-check-out".  (All of the images in this gallery belong to hibridblog.com.)



Laura, the designer, blogger, baker and traveler, is the owner of this instagram. She displays pretty, shinny, glittery, and girly things. Her shop is launching this month and I cannot wait to see what she has in store! (All photos in this gallery belong to Laura Drayton Creative Shop)



Melissa is one of my favorite designers. Her instagram is so colorful and YUMMY! She is a self-proclaimed sprinkle addct. YOu can visit here at her wonderful website, Design Eat Repeat. (All photos in this gallery belong to www.designeatrepeat.com)



I found Sharon's pretty instagam via Tumblr. What I admired most about her photos is that she took all her photos with an iPhone camera. She also has great taste and style. (All photos in this gallery belong to www.lovetpd.com)

Who is your favorite Instagrammer? 

- Rekita