Logo Design for Materialistic Girls

Happy Thursday! Its been awhile since I shared a design project, trust me its not because of a lack of design work. One of my previous clients, Shamieh of Hair Envy, gave me so much love on Instagram and recommended me to her friend Patrice for a logo design. 

Patrice wanted me to design a logo for a nonprofit organization located in Boston. It is called Materialistic Girls and it focuses on focuses on Teaching, Mentoring & Empowering young women from the ages of 13 to 21.  We aim to support young women in the community who have become teenage parents, have been sexually exploited or at risk for being sexually exploited. Materialistic Girls is very active in the community we sponsor local fashion shows, youth events and also prove community by running quarterly food clothing drives. 

Patrice wanted something cute, modern, and trendy. And Pink! Something that spoke to young women. I think we captured what she wanted. Success! Check out Patrice's logo design process:


Inspiration Board


Logo Concepts


Brand Board


- Rekita