Just a Little Trim: Audio Diva

A trim can go a long way...and this is definitely the case for Jennifer's music blog Audio Diva, Adventures in Sound. She purchased a template, Me & The Moon, and also wanted her own logo. So I designed a logo to fit her personality and her profound love for music.

Audio Diva is a blog that features muses, news, reviews, and ramblings on the music scene today and of yesteryear written in a vibrant, friendly, and sometimes humorous voice. It covers a wide range of music genres, mostly pulled from my eclectic tastes, but does retain a focus on soul, R&B, pop, hip-hop, rock, jazz, and everything in-between. Jennifer, the writer of Audio Diva, strives to make Audio Diva be a fun break from the usual "stuffy" music blog experience along the lines of if you were lounging around with your friends listening to music and talking about what you hear. In addition to being candid and laid-back, and in align with the blog's namesake, She believes that women music artists from past to present don't receive much coverage or aren't properly covered in the music journalism/blogging world. So she tends to cover more women than the average music blog. 

Visit Audio Diva...Adventures in Sound today! 

- Rekita