Font Crush: Joelle Charming

I love this beautiful font by Joelle Charming.  The creator of this font, Joelle, describes it as a "fake calligraphy" font, however I think it is great for cards, invitations, and other girly stuff. 

carmyn arielle.png

The font actually consists of two separate fonts, "Joelle" and "Joelle Charming." The first has the basic letters, both uppercase and lowercase, without the flourishes. The second, "Joelle Charming" has all the lowercase letters with the flourishes (the letters at the bottom of the image above). You'll want to experiment with these flourishes, and play around with using the second font in conjunction with the first. Both include the uppercase letters, as well as all numbers and punctuation.

To purchase this beautiful font, visit the Creative Market and search for "Joelle Charming" or click here!

Joelle also has more beautiful fonts:

Have a great Tuesday!

- Rekita

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