Rekita Nicole Designs Mood Board

Oh my lawd, it is June! Time is flying. Before you know it, it will be Christmas. The only thing I don't like about June is that there are no holidays, so for the military folks, there might be no 4 day weekends this month. Bummer.

Anywho, your girl has been very busy. Besides raising 3 kids and a husband, I have been taking some classes to sharpen my skills and to expand my business. This week I took a class on brand identity and how to develop a brand identity for my clients.  One of my projects was to create a mood board. So I decided to start with myself and create a mood board for my business site.

The mood board somewhat reflects what my site looks like. the colors are sophisticated but there are some elements of fun and girly. Which really describes me. I have also added some typography that I absolutely love, especially the one with the quote : "Be true to who you are! "

I can't wait to learn more design stuff! I tell you, this is truly something I looooooove to do. I am finally coming out of my shell. When people ask me what I do, I finally say that "I am a graphic designer." Instead of  saying , "Oh, I am a stay t home mom". My husband even told our new neighbors ,"My wife she works from home. She designs website." I gave him the biggest hug for saying that.  He didn't really think it was a big deal, but he has no idea where I started. 

So overall, I had a great weekend. Happy June Everyone!