Happy Half of the Year!

I cannot believe it  is July already! I mean my daughter will be a one year old next month. I am not ready! This is also the perfect time evaluate my goals from last year and this year. 

My Last Year's Goals:

  • I wanted rebrand my business.
  • Learn more about my craft.
  • Master my craft.
  • Learn more about the business part of my business.
  • Tell my friends and family about my business.

So, I did rebrand by business, twice. Like I have said before, I am never satisfied. I am still learning more and more about my craft by taking classes and learning from other designers. I don't think I have mastered my craft just yet. I absolutely hate "business". My college transcripts would tell you that. But I know I have to learn more if I want my business to be successful. I have told all my friends and my family about my business and my goals. They are so supportive.

This Year's Goals: 

  • Learn more and MORE about the business side of my business.
  • Keep track of my profit margin.
  • Tell people other than my friends and family what I do.
  • Get better at consulting. ( I am kind of a free spirit, so I can be all over the place)
  • Stay off my computer on the weekends. (The hardest thing ever)
  • Exercise. ( I have developed carpal tunnel in my fingers and wrists, and tension in my upper back from sitting at the computer. It's a hard knock life.)

Here's to July and the next half of the year! 

♥︎ Rekita 

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