I am Never Satisfied.

You probably couldn't access my site a couple of days ago, because I was working really hard on making it better. I like my old design, but it was not me, it was totally someone else or what I thought people would like from me. But browsing through the internet, getting inspiration from  my favorite designers, and looking at my competition/fellow designers I realized that I needed to stand out. I can not do that not being myself. I wanted personality and something that POPPED!

Why fit in when you were born to stand out?

A quote from Dr Seuss, that I used to have over my son's bed teaching him that is okay to be yourself. SO from what you can see from the new and improved but never done site, I love bright and bold colors. Pink is NOT my favorite color, but it just looks better on screen than my favorite color purple. 

I have also added a Template Showcase to the site. It displays  some of my favorite bloggers that "made a template their own." If you don't see yours up there, its not that I don't like it, I just don't have time, ha. I never have enough time in a day!

So I joined the bandwagon and downloaded the Pippit App. It is a great social network app for creatives like me. It will stream your latest blog posts and you can also add anything you want as far as photos, links, and videos. It is like Instagram but you can actually add links to what you have created. YES, add links! Making it easier for you to share your creative content to he world! It was created by the best bloggers in the world, Joy from Oh Joy and Taza from Love Taza. Read more about the app here or just go ahead and download it and then follow me: @rekitanicole on Pippit!

♥︎ Rekita Nicole

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