Planning My Daughter's Party: The Invitations

My sweet baby girl will be turning one very soon, so of course I got a jumpstart on planning it. I have been wanting a girl ever since the day before I found out my first was a boy. I have been dreaming of planning my little missy's birthday party forever. Don't get me wrong, I love my boys and I equally put in a lot of planning into both of their first birthday parties.  However, I am a girly girl, so this is definitely my forte. I am great at planning my kids' parties, especially when it comes to decorating. Cam's first birthday was a African Safari/Jungle theme. I decorated my mom's basement, had green streamers hanging from the ceiling (symbolizing jungle vines), the kids had animal masks they could wear and had the soundtrack from the Lion King playing in the background. Chris party would have been a success, the theme was the Backyardigans and we had pumpkin painting for the kids, but he was sick and did not enjoy his day. 

So Carmyn's First Birthday will be all things girly, pink, glitter, and tiaras. Yes, I am living vicariously through her, ha! This time, I made my own invitations from card stock. I bought me a new printer, a Canon Pixma, that could handle printing card stock. I visited my favorite craft stores and bought some glitter washi tape, some tulle, and envelopes. Seems simple, right? Wrong. I had to dust off my paper cutter, got glitter everywhere, and my craft box was invaded by the little girl herself.  The good new is, after all the cutting of card stock and tulle,  I had some left over paper to make some confetti with.  That is what I call recycling!

I have already warned the recipients of these invitations that their hands will be covered in glitter and homemade confetti will on their floor when they open it.  I apologize! 

♥︎ Rekita 

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