Style Crush + Color Inspiration: Shameless Maya

I love browsing around the internet looking for things to give me some inspiration. But then I stumbled across this beautiful lady browsing through tumblr and immediately noticed her hair. Her hair is my favorite color: PURPLE! I think it is so cute and wish I had the courage to have her style! Her name is Maya and she has a beauty + style blog named Shameless Maya.  Trust me, if you look at her site you will be wow'ed at how cute, fun, and spunky she is! Plus her hair tips are amazing, so that why she is my STYLE CRUSH!!!!!

Her photos inspired this color scheme I created using Adobe Kuler. It is a fun tool for creatives to help you extract colors from a particular photo or create a color scheme from your favorite color. I don't have a name for my color scheme yet, but maybe y'all can help out with this one!

♥︎ Rekita