About that #Muglife!

Sooooo.....Valentine's Day is around the corner...well for the non-attached people "Singles Awareness Day".  I have to perfect gift to give to your Starbucks-lover-coffee-lovin' boo. 

These coffee mugs were inspired by my love of coffee, my collection of coffee mugs, and I like to call myself a Hot Mess, and sometimes I am a Hot "Flaming" mess, because I'm hot (Not really) and I am a mess (my life is chaotic and crazy). I also love that Bruno Mars song (Uptown Funk) when he says "HOTDAMN!" So, why not say it 3 times like Bey! 

These coffee mugs and other designs are now available on Society6

To Purchase: Hot Mess | HOTDAMN

♥︎ Rekita


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