New Branding: Coming into Myself!

Yeah, you might have noticed some changes around here. It is brighter and more colorful and more...ME! I am trying to be come a happier and more positive person, so whenever I visit my own site I wanted to feel a sense of joy. 

Rekita, as a person is goofy, funny, lovable, and sensitive. However, there is another side of me that is too sensitive, doubtful, scared, lacking confidence, and too hard on myself. So I wanted my new brand to be colorful, bright, and people can say, "Yo, that is Rekita Nicole!". 

I know I have changed my design, like a ba-jillion times. But change is good, especially when you are starting to learn more about yourself and appreciate who YOU really are and not what you want people to think of you.  

In the business I am in, You have to, have to, have to, HAVE TO, stand out. Like Dr. Seuss once said and something that I tell my 6 year old, "Why fit it in, when you were born stand out?!

So, if you have the time please, check out my new brand. I am so excited for things to come. Also sorry the blog has been a little quiet, my clients are so imaginative and I got to put it out into the world. It ain't easy! But, I love it! 









PS: I also got approved to open a shop on Creative Market! How Exciting!!! I Have no items yet, but  I will soon. Be on the lookout! 

♥︎ Rekita