Deuces 2014...What up 2015!

new year new men heading.png

For 2015, I do not have any resolutions but goals. Is that the same thing? I don't know.  Anywho, I decided list my goals, because it is just helpful to see what you have planned and you can go back and see what you have accomplished. Such a self esteem booster. In 2014, I have experienced a lot of lows, so i can go nowhere but...UP! I am so excited for what God has in store for me and my business. So here goes!

  1.  Get closer to God. I have relied on other things to help instead of the most high. I need to develop a better relationship with HIM. 
  2. Work on being a better me. Meaning work on my sleep habits, eating habits, calling habits ( I am bad at calling people), being more active, and being more positive.
  3. Being a more attentive mother. Sometimes I let my business overwhelm me and I need to pay more attention to my beauties (my kids).
  4. Be mindful of my own business hours. Get off the computer at 4, REKITA!
  5. Do some wholesaling. Yes! ( I can't wait)
  6. Apply for school.
  7. Start School.
  8. Take some professional photos.
  9. Do an Office Makeover. (in progress)
  10. Get Started on all my goals.
  11. Find a new boo. (lol)

Well I hope that everyone's christmas and New Years was the best. Mine was great. Saw my litltle brother after 5 or 6 years, spent Christmas with my mom and aunt in Virginia, the kids definitely had a toy-filled Christmas, saw Annie ( great Movie) and I got a Keurig....pretty stoked about that!


Have a Mah-velous Monday! 

♥︎ Rekita