JPEG vs PNG: When and How to use it.


Ever wonder which image format to use for your blog or website? Do you use Jpeg for better quality photos or do you use png?

First, lets define JPEG and PNG. 


Jpeg (or its filename extension .jpg) is an acronym for Joint Photographic Experts Group which is the best used for photographs and other images that have millions of colors.


Png is an acronym for Portable Network Graphics. It best used for displaying images on the Internet. 

When do I use JPEG versus PNG? 

  1. Save your file as a jpeg when it is a photograph or a realistic picture. However, if you have added text, a block of color, or simple shapes to the image, save your file as a png.

  2. Use the jpeg image format when using tangible items such as business cards, prints, and other stationary.

  3. Use the png image format when you are using the image as part of a web layout. 

How to use the JPEG IMAGE FORMAT

  1. When you save a jpeg image in Photoshop or any other image editor make sure you save it as the highest quality allowed.
  2. Always save it as jpg extension if you are using the image for business cards, prints, letterheads, notecards, coffee mugs, or whatever. 
  3. When using the image for business cards or other stationary, do not flatten the layers before saving the image in Photoshop.. 

How to use the PNG Image Format

  1. You can merge the visible layers, but do not flatten the image before saving it in Photoshop or any other image editor you use.
  2. If you need some transparency in the image of photo, make sure you hide/disable the background before saving it. 

So, Long Story Short...

If you want to display a picture of just your children or fur-children on the web, save it and upload it in Jpeg format. However, if you want to display a graphic with blocks of colors and text, upload it as a png. Get? Got it. Good! 

♥︎ Rekita

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