Hey, y'all! Remember that one post I did on 8 Ways to Brand your Pinterest + Gain More Followers? If you don't remember, go check it out. NOW! But anywho...since I am like the greatest person on this Earth, I made a little cheat sheet for you guys! Yayyyyyy.! Well I realized on my last post about Pinterest that I forgot somethings that were just as important. 

Complete Your Pinterest Profile

I told you to include your name, location, and website.  I  also recommended if you are the sole owner of a website or business, the profile picture should show your face.  But I forgot to tell you to make sure you connect your social links such as Facebook and Twitter.  If I decide to follow you on Pinterest, more than likely I will follow you on Twitter and Facebook. Also...tell people who you are, what you do, what you are passionate about, and/or an interesting quirk about you. This will make you seem more personable and will definitely gain the interests of potential followers!


Make a board for your Blog or Website

You would think this is the obvious thing to do, but it is not, because I just made one. Ha! This will allow pinners to see firsthand what information is presently on your site. Um, Boom!  Then they will pin all your stuff, maybe...That is if your content is pin-able of course. 

So before I get into other is the THE PINTEREST CHEAT SHEET!


okay, back to some tips....

How to Join Pinterest Groups

I told you to do it, but I didn't tell you how. The simplest way is "Ask and you Shall Join!". I wanted to join a particular pinterest group for creative entrepreneurs So I contacted the creator of the group by leaving a comment on one of the board's pins and mentioned their pinterest username "@So&SoPinUser" and made a request to join by expressing  that I was a great fit for the group! Some people will add you automatically. Some creators may go through a screening process, and some even have rules for their pinterest group. SO, it would not hurt to ask. 


Utilize the "More From" link.

This shows me who has been pinning my stuff, who has been to my site, and what posts are being pinned the most. Sure you can you your analytics, but I think this is a way give you more of a visual outlook and you are able to click on the person who has been pinning your stuff and you might have a potential blogging buddy or a collaborator. You never know!


Name your Image File

Name your image file using keywords to describe the image based on your post for SEO purposes.  Do not keep the name of the file as DSC_134.jpg. Do not use underscores, but instead use hyphens or spaces. Google will read a file with underscores as kittensforsale, which is one keyword. If you save it as Kittens-For-Sale, Google will read it as more than one keywords which is better for searches. The same applies for Pinterest. When one of your readers directly pins from the image on your post, they wont have to change the title of the pin. Pinners don't want to work, ha!

So I hope this little cheat sheet helps!!! Hey, Let me know if I forgot anything, we are friends right?

xo, Rekita


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