6 Surefire Ways to Make Instagram Work For You!

Hey Friends! After Pinterest, Instragram is where is I get most of my business referrals. Mostly because I developed strategy for my Instagram and I wanted to attract a certain follower and a specific clientele. My strategy involves having a consistent and beautiful feed, making it easy for followers to find my website, telling a story, being accessible, being transparent, and using hashtags. 


1. Have a consistent feed.

When posting a picture in your Instagram, think about how it may look among your other photos. Is it cohesive or does it clash? Also think about if all your photos have the same feel, mood, style, and maybe color schemes (depending the type of photos you post).  Fun and bright planners may not go with sunsets and food posts. You don't want to confuse your followers. You want your followers to look forward to what you post next. Remember it is okay to delete posts that doesn't fit your consistency. I will post an image that I really want to share with my followers and I will delete at a later time if it doesn't look great in my feed. (that's just me, though!)

Rekita Nicole Instagram feed

2. Make it easy for people to go to your website or blog. 

When posting an image that you are using to prompt followers to your visit your site, always include "visit the link in profile to get your free ________"  or "visit the link in profile to discover 3 ways to ________" in your description. But make sure you have a link in your profile! Lauren, from Elle and Company, had the brilliant idea of creating a page in her site for Instagram visitors. When a follower or potential follower clicks on the link in profile it will direct them to a page that may include an opt-in, your recent posts, and freebies. Whatever you want your Instagram followers to receive should be on that page.  Here is an example of my Instagram page. It saves alot of time, effort, and bit.ly links to create when you are trying to create a call to action. You just need one link now to get people to do what you want them to do!

3. Use your instagram as way to micro-blog.

Gilit Cooper, from the Bannerie (who has one of the most beautiful feeds on Instagram aand we are sister-friends) said in a periscope that you should use your Instagram as a micro-blog. Like you are telling a short story. Describe your image and tell your followers what's happening or how you feel! Your post should get followers to your blog so they can receive/read the longer story.

4. You can't be a private business! Share with the World!

if you are using you Instagram to promote your business or blog, it should NOT be private. I have had people follow me, and the first thing I dod is go strait to their Instagram. If they are private I NEVER follow back. 9 times out of 10, other people will not follow you because Instragram is all about the visual!  I would have to request to add you to see your images, then I wait for you to approve, then I get access  to your images, and I don't like what I see. Waste of time. If you are using your Instragram to receive business, it should NOT be private. Share your stuff with the world so people can receive it and love it. If you are all about privacy, create a personal instagram just for you. But essentially, Instagram is not about YOU.


5. Complete your Instagram profile.

Tell people who are and what you do in you Instagram profile. Sorry, just your name, will not suffice. Oh and please no mannequins! Put a picture of you or your business logo for your profile pic. Let us get to know you!  (lol, Periscope and Twitter have eggs)

Rekita instagram profile


6. Use hashtags, my friend!

Hashtags are a great way to get more people to view your instagram feed. I also created my own hashtags. Here are the ones I use that give me the most hits.










The hashtags I created for my design work and tips are:



What is your Instagram Strategy?

xo, Rekita

(P.S. don't for get to follow me on instagram!)