Every Girl Needs a Pair of Pink Bottoms!: 6th & Madison


Today, I am so excited to share my latest branding and web design. I would like to introduce my readers to 6th & Madison: a shoe-line for young girls that are vintage with a modern twist and PINK BOTTOMS! Samantha, the designer of these adorable shoes, was inspired by her daughter named Madison to find traditional style shoes for her daughter to wear. Samantha sketched, hand-picked the thread, and chose genuine leather for each shoe.  I will tell you, as a mother of a trendy 2-year-old daughter, I love those SHOES! Every little girl should have a pair of 6th & Madison Pink Bottoms! 


Take a look at the branding process for 6th & Madison:

Samantha wanted her branding to be girly, yet sophisticated.  The different color shades of pink gives her branding a girly look, the gold adds a little glam, and the cream color adds a little sophistication. 

We went through a series of logos and colors. When I thought of 6th & Madison, my mind immediately wanted to use a street sign. (We used that as her alternative logo).  Then I thought of how simple the logo is for  Saks Fifth Avenue (A place I cannot afford to shop). We wanted to do that for 6th & Madison, but make it resonate with little girls and mommies! 

For 6th&Madison's website, I had the luxury of using gorgeous photos of cute little girls wearing the 6th&Madison shoe. The branding and the photography matched so perfectly that is was so much fun and easy to design her website and shop. 

I designed 6th&Madison's website on Squarespace, so that the designer, Samantha, can add her products (the shoes) with ease and not have to worry about the design. Squarespace comes with an integrated e-commerce site, so Samantha does not have to do any designing at all!


So here is a sneak peek of the 6th&Madison website. Visit 6th&Madison for the full website and shop. YO, I have had people say, does she make shoes for adults? I wish! I wish i had these pink bottoms in my shoe stack! But I will be happy if my daughter had these on her feet!


xo, Rekita

Design BoardRekita Nicole