Stop Comparing Website Platforms and Start Creating Sh#t!

I know we have seen all the Wordpress VS Squarespace posts, but let's be real...let's just stop comparing website platforms and start creating sh#t! Like there are no real rules to the business of blogging, designing, or whatever. But the main rule you should focus on is CREATE GREAT CONTENT THAT IS YOURS! Emphasis on "yours". You can have the most beautiful Wordpress site, the most gorgeous Squarespace site, but still put out sh#tty content. I was one of those people. 

There is nothing wrong with explaining to your readers the advantages of using ANY platform, whether it is Wordpress, Wix, blogger, Squarespace, or whatever! But when you start being negative or sayingnegative things about people who use a certain site platform, you are essentially stopping someone from their full creative potential.

The myths:

Wordpress is too hard.

Squarespace is too vanilla.

You cannot create a call to action button on Wordpress navigation.

You don't own your site on blank_____.

They can remove your site at any time on_____.

You can't have sidebar on Squarespace.

You can't achieve a beautiful site on Wordpress.

Squarespace isn't for "serious" business owners.

You can't do anything in blogger.

There are more myths that I heard! And they are just that....myths. It is true, all platforms have their advantages and disadvantages, but a true designer can work around the disadvantages. A true designer can build a beautiful FUNCTIONING site on ANY platform. A true designer will have many options available to their clients or refer them to someone who can fulfill another option.

Essentially it is not about the site platform. It is about your readers or potential clients and the content you create. Some people choose Blogger, Wix, or Squarespace because they don't have to put much effort into designing but put more into their readers, their clients, their content. Some people choose Wordpress to create beautiful sites without limits and still put out great content. All of those reasons are perfectly ok because it's all about YOU and how you connect with your readers.

I use Squarespace for my site but I also love creating Wordpress and Squarespace sites for my clients. As a designer, you should not limit yourself to one platform or you can simply refer that person to a designer you know that has expertise in that platform.

Moral of the story:

  • Choose a platform that works for you and that you have the ease to control.
  • Do your own research on each platform.
  • Weight out the pros and cons.
  • Just start creating good sh*t!! Create Uh-Amazing content to share with the world. 

As my lovely friend Devan from would say: "You do you BOO!"

Do what works for you and your readers or clients!

xo, Rekita

Rekita Nicole