24 Hours Ain't Enough...


I remember someone asking me, "Girl, how do you do it?" To be honest, with three kids... I really don't know. But here is my daily routine. A Day in the Life of Rekita Nicole!

I wake around 6 to 6:30 am everyday -

Sometimes 6:45 and some times later, depends on if it is a Wednesday or Thursday night when Empire or Scandal is on. I am also fighting with my son to hurry and brush his teeth, put on his clothes, and get his bookbag. Also I get the little ones washed-up and dressed. Trust there is much drama during this time.

Around 7-ish -

I have gotten my oldest son off to school and I feed the little ones. This time is also filled with drama because apparently I am supposed to have 6 hands instead of two and i am moving too slow. 

About 8-ish - 

I finally gets my coffee beans and I also forget to eat breakfast. I start screening my thousands of emails and do some email purging.  I also get a head start on some projects I didn't finish yesterday. I put my kids in their room to watch some Disney Jr. (They never stay in their room. Never. Ever).

About 9-ish -

I turn on Pandora. My station is filled with "pop" music. I used to listen to rap, but then I get too "turnt-up-for-what" and do not get anything done. I start answering inquiries, answering emails from my clients, and start on my design projects.

About 10-ish -

My little ones realize I have ignored them for an hour and they decide to fight over something, poop or pee, dump all of the diapers on the floor, get injured some kind of way. So then its time for the smallest one, Carmyn-lita, to take her morning nap.  Then I get back on my design projects and answering more emails.

About 11-ish -

I am deep in designing and coding and creating and then somebody wants some juice and a snack.

So about 12-ish -

I am fixing the little people's lunch and I work and eat lunch at the same time. Or sometimes I forget to eat lunch. ( I know it is not healthy)

About 2:30 - 

My oldest son is home and the drama begins again. I prepare his snack and help him with his homework while he fights with his siblings and complains about everything between the moon and stars. 

About 3:30 -

I am working again. Designing and answering emails.

About 4-ish -

I am wrapping up work. Answering some last minute emails and then I start cooking. 

About 5 to 10 PM -

I am usually still working on projects. If I am too strained, I will watch some TV or play the Sims 4 game (it really helps with stress). I get the kids ready for bed and then it is finally ME time! Not really because one or two them always comes in my room with a question or a problem I have to solve.  If it is Wednesday, I am up watching Empire. If it Thursday, I am up watching Scandal and of course I am live tweeting! If it is just a regular day, I am watching King of the Hill on Cartoon Network until Family Guy goes off. I love cartoons. 

About 11-ish -

I am sleepy as hell but fighting it. I am usually going through my phone reading some blogs and then I know its time to go to sleep when I drop the phone up my face. 

Then at 6:30, I am up again...I think we need to ad at least 8 more hors to each weekday and add 24 more hours to the weekend. If I become president, i will make that happen. #VOTERekitaNicole2016!


Can believe that February is over? I know it's the shortest month of the year, but it really did go by fast. 

Anywho...Y'all Have a great weekend!

xo, Rekita


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