#thatBusinessLife with Photographer & Brand Stylist Britney Jeanine

Happy March! Today I am featuring colleague of mine. She is super talented, spunky, and just all around "DABOMB.com!". Her name Britney Jeanine and she is a photographer and brand stylist.  I love featuring creatives like myself because it is great for networking and it builds a community for other creatives. So, check out my interview with Mrs. Britney "DaBomb" Jeanine!


Where of you hail from?

I am from the sunny beaches of Port Orange, Florida...which is a small town that sits right outside of The World's Most Famous Beach, Daytona Beach! I currently live in the Washington, D.C. metro area, but am soon relocating back to Central Florida! 


What inspired you to start a career in photography and design?

It's pretty crazy! I did not pick up a camera until my daughter was born in 2012. It was insane to me how quickly children change and I wanted to capture every minute of her growth...so I started snapping away! During this process friends noticed I was getting pretty good, and started to ask for pictures too! Before you knew it, I was building a business - and because I was just starting I had to learn how to build my brand! We all know how those pockets can be when you're first starting out... so I started to teach myself web and graphic design (although I've always had an eye for it). 


How did you learn about your craft?

Really? YouTube and awesome blogs like www.RekitaNicole.com! I would read tutorial after tutorial until I got it! Man those late nights were so real! 


What is a normal day for Britney Jeanine?

Well! I am a wife, mom, and business owner! My day starts with a two year old screaming, "I wanna EAT!" It's all mommy duty from there! Breakfast, getting dressed, hair and daycare! The hubs and I are tag-teaming it up...mornings are INSANE!!! My office opens at 11am, and it's all about design from there! In a normal day you can catch me booking photo sessions, styling brands, and occasionally taking a text break with other creatives in the area!


Do have a business mentor or someone who inspires you?

I am inspired by so many photographers and designers...new, up-and-coming, and experienced! For the most part though, I get all my advice from my husband Pierre...and my parents! They inspire me.


If it was someone’s dream to be a photographer, what are some tips are advice to get them started?

Stop talking, and do. 


How do you manage you family life along with your career as a photographer?

I don't haha! I really try to maintain business hours. Before you would find me answering emails in the wee hours of the night, but now I try my best to resist...I still fail sometimes though lol! But really it's about knowing what's important...do we live to work? Or to enjoy life? That should be the focus. 


What is your most favorite thing about owning your own photography and graphic design business?

Doing whatever the heck I want when I want! LOL!!! But also working with some of the most awesome creatives out there! In such a short time I have had the opportunity to work with some amazing people!


What do you do when you are not snapping pictures or making graphics?

Eating poorly and hanging with my family! Haha! Nothing better!


What is your photo shoot process? What is the Britney Jeanine Experience?

It's really all about having a good time!!!! We party in color, and we build bangin' brands! That is what it's about! I want clients to feel like they can let loose, have a great time, and really get into their photo session {AND the design process that follows as well}! The experience is loud, colorful, and it's certainly fun! EVERY session comes with professional makeup, AND we assist with attire as well! You can expect music, dancing, and CUPCAKES!!!!! It ain't a party without cake!


Tell me more about Party in Color.

During my photography journey I realized how obsessed I was with clients that rocked color during their sessions...and I wanted to have a cool name that accompanied that haha! After brainstorming with my mom in my kitchen she said, "how about Party in Color?" So now all our sessions are considered parties....where we...well...party in color! I have since integrated this into the design portion of my business by teaching clients how to rock their brand colors!


If you could talk to your younger self, what would you tell her?

Growing up I was really not that creative. I played sports, and really I was all about my grades. I couldn't draw, paint, or none of that fun express yourself kind of stuff! So I would tell myself, explore more and be creative!


Last but not least, give me three words that perfectly describe you. 

"LOUD. BOLD. DABOMB" (hey it's one word)!

LOUD. BOLD. DABOMB (hey it's one word)!
xo, Rekita