I know it has been quiet on the blog and it not because of lack of content. I just haven't had time! I stay BUSY. Between my clients (I love y'all), my children (Love them),  and just life in general, I have not been able to keep up. It has been a struggle. So, it might be a little more quiet next week, I am not sure...but I have lots of great content coming your way!

There are some things I wanted to let you guys/chicks know:

I have closed down my template shop. I need to get rid of some old one, revamp some of the newer ones, and create brand spanking new ones for Blogger and Wordpress. 

I am booked until June. How'd that happen. I pretty much stay booked, but I had to put a little cushion in there to focus on improving my business and become an even better designer and design consultant.

I need collaborators. This One-Woman-Show seems great, but its not! lol Sign up here!

Since it has been a little quiet around here, I have accomplished a lot. One thing I accomplished was getting health insurance. I swear I received 50 emails from "begging" me to enroll before time runs out...then they extend the enrollment period anyway, lol. But hey, I am officially "coveredt". 

Everyone, have a great weekend!!!

xo, Rekita

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