Weekly Wishes: 2.3

Last week's wishes:

1. Finish my resume. My mom, aunt, and uncle have been helping me re-do my resume. I am trying to get a job, yo! 

2. Fold clothes. I really hate doing that.

3. Draft some Design Tutorials. 

4. Clean out emails.

5. Clean up my hard drive. 

6. Clean up my house. It's a mess.

7. Get some new contacts,. I lost one today. So I am actually a cyclops today. 

This Week's Wishes:

I accomplished all of last week's wishes except for #5. I am also no longer a cyclops but I am due for a new eye exam. Blah. My house smells clean, clothes were out away, and my mom still loves me! 

1. Start my diet. (Yeah right)

2. Start exercising (Yeah right, again)

3. Stop beating myself about not having a boo for Valentine's. (It isn't like its the first time you have been without one, lol)

4. Buy some things for my little Valentines. 

5. Draft some posts for the future.

6. Get a handle on managing my clients. (I am getting overwhelmed and it is not fun)

7. Do not sleep with my phone. 

8. Break up with Ben and Jerry. 

Those are my wishes for the week, I hope all of mine come true! 

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xo, Rekita