How to be the Best Client when Hiring a Graphic/Web Designer

How to Be the Best Client when Hiring a Web Designer

Starting your own business is really rewarding but really hard. It takes a lot of time and effort, research, sleepless nights, flops, disappointments, happiness, joy, and excitement. It takes a lot of investment of money and time. Believe me, my son always complains that I am "always on my computer". I say "don't you want an X-BOX?!" Mommy gots to work!

For your business, you might have to invest some pretty pennies into having a fantastic logo and website. You have to research who are the best designers that are within your budget. But when it comes to hiring a graphic/web designer, it costs more than just money. You have invest some T-I-M-E in to your investment.

Let me explain...

So you want a Wordpress site for your business that comes with a blog a possibly a shop. You contact a web designer and he/she is booked until 2 months from now. (Note: every good designer is almost always booked and web design should NEVER be a RUSH job).  

So now that you are booked and your project doesn't start until 2 months from now, what do you do? 


Have your ducks in a row...

  • Make sure you own a domain.
  • make sure web-hosting is up to date.
  • Install Wordpress or if you are using Squarespace or Blogger, make sure you have the site ready.

You never know if your designer had a client fall though and you could be next in line.  Be ready!  Graphic and Web Designers usually don't maintain domains or hosting. I know I don't.


Have all of your content Ready...

  • Gather information you want on your site such as contact info, faqs, policies, or snippet about you and your business. 
  • Gather all the photos you will be using for your site whether it be head-shots, promotional photos, or stock images.

If you are technically-challenged...

Take this time to play around with your site.

  • Learn how to create a post.
  • Learn how to insert Images.
  • Learn how to insert links.
  • Learn how to create a page.
  • Learn how reply to a comment.
  • Learn how to add something to your sidebar.
  • Research the best Plug-ins for your site. (I am sure, though that your designer will recommend the best ones, but you can always do your own research)

Unless you are hiring someone to maintain your site, you will need to learn the basic of maintaining YOUR site on your own. Or else, you will be paying graphic designer to do the smallest things that you could have done on your own for free.99.

So, you have to invest a lot of time into YOUR business. No one should put more effort in than the business owner. I put a lot of emphasis on YOUR, because at the end of the day YOU are in control and responsible for your business. So when you are ready to hire a designer, have your ducks in a row, be content-ready, and do some playing around!

SO be the best client and do your Homework!

xo, Rekita