The Template Shop is Open for the Foodie, the Modern, and the Fun Bloggers!

EEEEKK! Let me tell you how excited I am about debuting these new templates. @%#@%@#%@#%!!!!! They are for blogger, but available for Wordpress by request. Because y'all know Wordpress requires a little mo' work.  I created 4 new templates for 4 different kinds of blogger. For the fun blogger, the simple blogger, the modern food blogger, and the sweet baking blogger. 

I also revamped some of the old templates. Unfortunately, I had to get rid of some templates. I had to purge the ones that weren't really selling or not selling at all. Ironically, I had to purge the ones that sold too many times. 

So, if you are on a design budget.....check out the rest of the blogger templates in the shop. Remember, these templates can be available for Wordpress by request but will cost an extra fee.

Have a Mah-velous, Monday!

xo, Rekita