Um...It's my Birthday.

I am 31 today! Sad Face, I am getting old. Happy Face, I have lived to see another year. When you have children, sometimes you forget that someone actually gave birth to you. So big thanks to my moms! 



I have a couple of wishes. I wish to have these in my face:


I wish to walk downstairs to this and just jump in it:

My kids would really enjoy that as well.

Overall, I wish/pray for peace, happiness, and success in this 31st year of life.  I wish/pray that March 9th, 2016 , I would have accomplished all the goals I set for myself, love myself more, be a greater mother be a better friend, and maybe find me a boo. (I don't know, I need someone to cuddle with who won't put their feet in my face and put their fingers in my nose.)

Thank you God, for another year of Life!

xo, Rekita


Rekita Nicole