Why I don't Offer or do Sponsorships anymore.

I cancelled my PassionFruit Ads account a month ago. I should have cancelled it months ago because I wasn't offering sponsorships or buying ads from other people. I have so many reasons why I stopped doing both.

1. Offering sponsorships on my blog became too much work. It became stressful to keep up with all the blogs I was sponsoring and it was taking away from my blog. Hosting giveaways just became exhausting. 

2. I was offering sponsorships that did not necessarily fit my blog or website. When I decided to change my business to my namesake and I rebranded (for the 100th time), I wanted to devote my blog to just me and like-minded creatives. I wanted to stick with my niche. 

3. I wasn't sure how to "sponsor" anyone anymore.  I didn't want people pay for something and they weren't getting what they needed. I hate to waste people's money. 

4. I want to be able to choose who I want on my sidebar and promote them the way I want. I think you have a better way of networking if you help a fellow colleague out by just giving them a spot on your sidebar, especially if they are in the same niche as you are. I'd rather promote a business or blog I absolutely love than to be forced to sponsor a business or blog I don't necessary care about (is that too harsh?).

5. I don't buy ad space from anyone (any blog) because I feel like I am the only person who will promote my business the way I want to. And it costs free.99.  I used to buy ads and I wasn't getting what I want. Yes, I probably gained followers from the giveaway...but I sometimes I cringed at the fact that I might be buying followers. 


Don't get me wrong, if you are sponsoring blogs or you offer sponsorships, there is nothing wrong with that. I just felt like it wasn't for me  and it didn't or doesn't help my business/blog at all. I just rather build a community of creatives for free.

How do you feel about sponsorships?

xo, Rekita


Rekita Nicole