Apartment Hunting + Living

I have been apartment hunting in the Atlanta-Area for months. And it so freaking FRUSTRATING! Finding the right apartment, in the right area, with the right price, and with the right schools is so hard. Especially when you are looking and they only show pictures of the clubhouse, the pool, and the community area. Those things are great, but can I please see where I am going to live?!

Anywho, there is a silver lining to apartment hunting which is looking forward to something new and DECORATING! I am looking forward to decorating a place of my own and it says REKITA! So, of course Pinterest has been a great help...so check out some of my favorite finds! 

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I am love with the color of this living room. My favorite accent pieces is the rug and the ottoman. 


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I love the glass top on this desk and the idea of having chairs on the other side of the desk. It looks so professional even though my kids may be the only ones sitting in those chairs.  Since I loooooove to read, I love the little reading nook behind the desk. Not sure if I can get that in an apartment but I can think of ways to make that happen. 


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I actually saw the lamp at Target (aka Tarjay). I almost grabbed it, but I think I will next time I am there. I also love this pouf, even though my kids might use is as kick-ball. 


I LOVE the color of this couch! That's it, I just love the color.


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I am not really a fan of all white, reminds me of hospitals. But I love pops of color and shapes. So this lamp is perfect for me!!!! 


Have any tips on apartment hunting and living? 

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xo, Rekita