Mood Board Monday: Fruity

Happy Monday! They say "A Sunday well spent brings great content". I also say that being rained in on a Sunday also does the trick. I was doing some research for a client and some future projects that I am excited about when I stumbled across this amazing design blog, Love + Color. I fell in love at first sight! I love blogs and/or websites that is not afraid to use color.  

Her post on "How to Create a Cohesive Mood Board for your Brand" inspired me to create a mood board just for fun. You know, because I have a lot of time on my hands. Ha!

sources: DesignLovefest: Orange Slices|Cheesecake, Broke Girl's Guide: Cocktail, StudioDIY: Fruity Socks, T30Gallery: Painting


This mood board is all about fruit. Doesn't it make your mouth water?! Well, except for those cute socks. 

As graphic designer, creating mood boards is something that part of the design process. It is my favorite part. So since all this fruot and bright colors has put me in a happy mood, I have a FREEBIE FOR YOU!!!!

You must have some knowledge of photoshop, smart objects, and clipping masks to effectively use this mood board. To add an image, just simply double click on the layer you want to add the image and then create a clipping mask. You might have to resize the image to fit the area.  To change the color of the area, just simply double click on the "Color Fill" layer and change it to any color you like!


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xo, Rekita