Freebie Friday: Staying Positive!

Today I am sharing some desktop/mobile wallpaper freebies to help you stay positive. These are some phrases that I have to tell myself sometimes when I am feeling low or unproductive. It is so easy to get in a rut and start thinking negative about your situation. One thing I do tell myself is that, I might be having rough week or month, but I know there is someone out there who's week or month is rougher than mine. I then ask God to bless that person. 

So if you are feeling down, negative, and your parade has been rained on, I suggest you download these wallpapers for your tech to get you in a GREAT and POSITIVE mood.  

Save it to your desktop or phone, tweet it, pin it, or send it to someone who really needs the encouragement! 

Download / You got this!

Download / Fear is a Liar. 

Download / Positive Vibes Only!

Download / You are Enough.

Download / Don't Worry. Be Happy.


Have a FABULOUS FRIDAY and a great weekend, peeps!

xo, Rekita

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