Hello! Anyone here?!

I am still alive! 

I do apologize for the quietness around here. Things have been a little crazy lately. I am trying to move closer to family and I seek employment. Don't get scared, I am not retiring Rekita Nicole...I would never do that, this is my baby. I just need to secure a consistent paycheck and get some benefits to take care of my three little kiddos (who are now big and eating me out of house and home).

I have also been trying to exercise more and eat healthier. I don't call it a diet, I call it a lifestyle, because its not a temporary change. So having that attitude, I have lost almost 30 lbs! I was trying on pants and grabbed a 12 and 10.  The size 10 was literally falling off of me. I broke down in tears right in the fitting room. I have been working so hard and been so stressed out and depressed about things that occurred recently in my life. So this has been one of the happiest moments since my divorce. 

So I am saying all this to say, my kids are my number one priority and I have to take care of them the best way I can.  

But we gon' be aight! (Kendrick Lamar voice)

Meanwhile, download this for inspiration!

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xo, Rekita