Brand + Website Launch:Nikki & Mallory

Today I am sharing my first Wordpress design with an integrated WooCommerce Shop for Nikki&Mallory: Handbags & Accessories.  Treasure, the designer, creator, and owner of Nikki&Mallory™ Handmade Bags, ask for my services to help her create a logo and web design that was clean but also something that fit her eclectic personality. The motto for her brand is: "They say she never looks the same...That's her objective"



Treasure's brand colors consists of black, peach, cream, and gold. She also wanted some texture and patterns like cheetah, zebra, and aztec prints to show off her edginess and spunkiness.  I created an alternative logo that would fit on the tags of her products.


Like Treasure's brand and logo, she wanted a website that was clean but also showed off her spunky personality. I added zebra pattern for her texture with hints of gold. Nothing to in-your-face, you guys know how I am!  Luckily, Treasure provided me with great high-quality photos that showed off her products and her brand. This made her website have a cohesive look. 



I also had the pleasure of designing her twitter and facebook pages as part of her brand makeover. 

Overall, we accomplished a clean, beautiful, and spunky brand and website for Nikki&Mallory. Her shop is not open yet, but as you can see from her awesome photos, her handbags and accessories are dope!!!  Go check out her website and let me know what you think?

xo, Rekita