8 ways to Brand your Pinterest + Gain more Followers

A couple of months ago, I was not really into Pinterest.  I only used it to get ideas and I used it occasionally to promote my blog posts and design products.  However, I soon realized that Pinterest is the biggest referrer to my website. So I started to pay more attention to how I use Pinterest. I had to use Pinterest as my biggest promoter and use Pinterest for other pinners.  So once I did that, I went from 600+ followers (gained from giveaways and having an account over a long period of time) to 1000+ followers within a month. I KID YOU NOT!

These are 8 ways I re-branded my Pinterest and gained more followers AND got more traffic coming to my website which is the ultimate goal. 


1. Pin the Pins that are in your Niche.

If you are using Pinterest as the driver to your website, you should pin things that are in your niche.  If you are a food blogger, pin mostly food things.  If you are a fashion blogger, pin mostly fashion things.  Since I am a graphic designer and I use Pinterest to get more people to my site, I pin mostly things that pertain to graphic and web design.  Also, make sure that the pins that you pin fit with the other pins. (Sounds like a tongue twister).  For instance, pin items that have quality pictures or graphics.  That way your boards will have a more attractive and cohesive look. 

2. Follow People that are in your niche or share your style and Pin their stuff.

Follow pinners that are in your niche or that share your same style will give your Pinterest feed and boards a cohesive look.  It will also prompt the pinners you follow to follow you back.  This can lead to future collaborations. For instance, I found Jessica from Love Plus Color on Pinterest and I followed on all her social media. I liked her because her Pinterest boards were full of vibrant colors and I found myself pinning all of her stuff.  And guess what....she followed me back as well. I also have a plan to collaborate with her in the future...I hope!  Therefore, you can gain followers just by following your favorite pinners that fit your style and pinning their stuff.

Here are some of my favorite pinners that fit in my same niche and style.

 Jessica Safko |  Love Plus Color

Jessica Safko | Love Plus Color

 Sam Ushiro |  Aww Sam

Sam Ushiro | Aww Sam

 Allison Ruiz |  Wonderlass 

Allison Ruiz | Wonderlass 

 Kelly Mindell |  Studio DIY

Kelly Mindell | Studio DIY


3. Organize your Boards

Make it easy for followers/pinners to locate specific pins on your boards.  If you are a food blogger, try organizing your boards by types of dishes, i.e. breakfast, lunch, dinner, dessert, drinks, appetizers.  If you are a fashion blogger, try organizing your boards by types of outfits or by season.  Organize your boards according to your niche.  I organized my boards by colors, patterns, designs, and etc. Therefore, when someone comes to my Pinterest account they know exactly what board to go to and they will have an idea of what they will find in that particular board.  Organizing your boards and making it pin-friendly will help you gain more followers because they will know what to expect. 


4. Utilize Secret Boards

We always run into that pin that has such good information, but if you are using your Pinterest to promote your business, blog, or website you should usually pin items that fit your niche.  Otherwise, you should use a secret board for that information.  I wanted to do a Doc McStuffins party theme for my daughter's 2nd birthday (She looooves Doc!).  However pinning over 25 pins with Doc McStuffins does not fit my niche, which is graphic design, and I might turn off a few pinners/followers.  Again, to gain more followers you want your Pinterest feed and boards to have a cohesive look. Plus, not everyone needs to see you planning a wedding on Pinterest and you don't even have a boyfriend, ha! 

5. Join Pinterest Groups

Joining Pinterest groups is like collaborating. When you pin your pins to the group, you are essentially collaborating with like pinners.  The pinners in the group or the pinners that follow the Pinterest group board will more than likely repin your items because they are your target audience.. This will drive more traffic to your website and you will also gain more followers. 

This is a group for bloggers (Blogging Boost Official Board) that I am a member of which has 6.3k followers (alot of promotion there!). I also created a Pinterest group for pinners who are creative designers, so you can create boards to collaborate with other like pinners and  you can help promote each other. 

If you are a creative designer and would like to contribute to the Creative Designers Pinterest board, contact me with the subject "Creative Design Pinterest Board" and insert your email in the message and I will send you an invite!

6. Re-image your old pins and make them match your brand

Those of you who have followed my blog for while know I have rebranded, rebranded, and rebranded.  So some of my pins from my website did not match the current look of my brand, So I re-did the images for the posts that had the most repins and replaced them with the image that matched my brand.  In addition, some of my pin images were not vertical in length.  So, I made sure that the most popular posts had vertical images, which appeal more to pinners.

7. Enable rich pins

Enabling rich pins will add extra details to Pins from your website.  It will also distinguish your pins from everyone else by adding your logo or favicon to your pins. Visit the Rich Pin Validator to enable your rich pins. 

8. Complete Your Pinterest Profile!

You will be surprised that most people forget to complete their Pinterest profile.  When I repin something or like a pin, I always look for the source of the pin and look at the profile of the pin originator and I always click on the website.  In your Pinterest profile, you should definitely include your name, location, and website.  I recommend if you are the sole owner of a website or business, the profile picture should show your face.  This makes you seem more personable and people will want to follow you. 

Bonus Tip:

Make your Pinterest the HUB for something.  I like to view my Pinterest as the hub for designers and color lovers. Pinners can come to my Pinterest boards and easily find the pin that they need for moodboards, brand styling, design inspiration, and blogging and business tips.   Once you define what your Pinterest is the hub for, your Pinterest feed and board will look more cohesive, you will promote more followers, and you will get more people to your website!!! 

So, what would your Pinterest be the hub for? 

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xo., Rekita

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