On my last post, I told you about Canva and how you can use their site to create moodboards. But if you are an avid photoshop user like me, you may like the independence of creating a moodboard from scratch. Doing a mood board from scratch has its cons, but the pros are that you can edit it, resize it, flip it and all other sorts of things. 

So for my lovely readers and inspiring designers, I have created new moodboard template (which I think is way better than my previous free moodboard template) for you to download for FREE of course.  This one gives you more sections and its wider to display bigger photos.  This template is also color coded: Purple for images, Dark Purple for Typography, Lavender for color blocks. Of course you don't have to follow the code, but it's there to assist you! .


INSTRUCTIONS - Click images to for Larger view

Download the zip file and open the contents, then follow the directions below!

*Before you begin, disable the 'instructions' image.

1. Click on the layer that you want your image to be located. In this example, I clicked on Layer 8. 

2. Choose the image you want to use for your moodboard, then copy and paste it into the document as a separate layer. Drag the layer above the corresponding layer that you want the image to be located.

3.  Right click the image layer and select 'Create Clipping Mask' from the menu. 

4. Then you can grab the image, drag it, and resize it (holding SHIFT and using the mouse) and  make sure it covers the section that you want the image to be viewed.

5.  To create a color block for a layer, create a blank layer right above the section you want the color block to be. In this example, I used section 11.  Then ‘CREATE CLIPPING MASK’ to that layer. 

6. While you have the layer still highlighted, go to 'Layer' in the menu bar, then go to 'New Fill Layer', and then go to 'Solid Color'. Choose the color you want for that section or color block and press okay. 

Repeat all the steps above for each section and your mood board should look like this: 

Ain't it pretty?


Here is an example moodboard I made with this moodboard template. 

 Moodboard by Rekita Nicole  Sources:  Balloon |  Aww Sam , Sunglasses + Donut Purse |  Studio DIY , Drop-Top |  Plastik Magazine , Love Fingerpaint Love |  Bianca Cash , Pink Couch |  Aww, Sam

Moodboard by Rekita Nicole

Sources:  Balloon | Aww Sam, Sunglasses + Donut Purse | Studio DIY, Drop-Top | Plastik Magazine, Love Fingerpaint Love | Bianca Cash, Pink Couch | Aww, Sam

So as promised, here is your free new and improved moodboard!


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I really hope you like this new and improved free moodboard. Please give me any feedback if you use the moodboard. Enjoy!

xo, Rekita 


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