6 Things to Check Before You LAUNCH Your Online Business + Free Checklist

Hello my lovely people, business owners, and future business owners. Today I wanted to talk to you about things to check before you launch your online business. I have opened and closed and launched relaunched my business so many times, only to find out that I left something out, something was not clear, my website didn't look great across different browsers, or I had some grammatical and spelling errors. Even those these mistakes are somewhat common, you may lose a few customers if you do not correct those mistakes immediately. 

If you are a business owners the most important component of your business should be the CUSTOMER.  For your online business, you should create the best customer experience on your site so they will purchase something from you, return to your site, and spread the word about your business. Something as simple as making sure your links are working properly can go a long way and can determine if that customer will return or not. So here are some tips on what you should do before hit that "LAUNCH" button! 


Make sure your design fits the purpose of your site. 

Does your site design appeal to your target customers?

If you are selling girl clothing, the design of your site should appeal to mommies with young daughters. For example, pinks and purples and girly design elements such as flowers would  really appeal to mothers and young girls who are your potential customers. 

Does your site design encourage people to buy your products?  

If you are a musical artist trying to sell your music, your site design should encourage people to buy your music. Place a sample song list on your sidebar to appeal to your potential fans and potential buyers of your music. 

Are you promoting the image you want customers to have of your business?

If you sell custom wedding invitations, you may want your site to have a romanticized, classic, or contemporary feel to it. So when customers come to your site, they know exactly WHY they are coming to buy invitations from your site. Give them the ultimate experience of your site and brand! 



Make sure the colors, fonts, or graphics or products can be easily read or seen in your site. Your customer should not have to strain their eyes to view your products. Also make sure the image of the product and the product description is easy to read. A customer will not buy your product if  they cannot fully distinguish what the product looks like or what it can do. So make sure those images and product description is clear and concise! 



Your online business should have the ultimate customer experience. Make sure that your customers can navigate through out your site and every page is accessible. Customers should not get lost going through your site. Also, make sure your contact information, return policies, faqs, terms and conditions, or etc are available on every page. This could be placed in your footer. 



Make sure all of your fonts and colors are consistent in every page of your website. Also make sure your social media is consistent with you business website. So if a customer sees your product for sell on Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter, they will have no doubt it is YOUR business when they arrive at your site. Make sure all your social media platforms have somewhat of the sane design as your site. Your marketing and promotional tools should also be consistent with your new site.



This is to make sure that EVERYONE can see your site across the board. Check your site against different screen resolutions, whether it is a mobile, a tablet, a laptop, or a desktop. These different devices will have different screen resolutions. You will want to make sure your site looks great on all of them, especially on a mobile phone since many buyers love to shop on-the-go. You can check your screen resolution by visiting the StudioPress Screen Resolution Tester or responsiveness tester. All you have to do is plug in your url and it will test your site against many screen resolutions to make sure it is displayed correctly. 



You will also want to make sure that your site is working properly on other browsers such as Internet Explorer, Safari, Google Chrome, etc. Some fonts or graphics may show up differently on each browser. Also, make sure your browsers are up-to-date. Having an older version of a browser may have some effect on how your site will look.


So, you are ready to hit the launch button...but make sure that all the pages are finished and ready to be viewed, make sure all of your links are working, and definitely make sure all of your content on each page is completed.  No half-assing!!! Ha! This is your baby, your, passion, and your business, make sure it is complete for the WORLD to see! 

So before you hit the big red button that says "LAUNCH!"....


xo, Rekita