How to Edit Photos from Your Mobile Device using Photoshop!


Hello, my friends! Today I am sharing a tutorial and first video tutorial (so you guys can seem my pretty face) on how to edit your photos taken from any mobile device using photoshop! I know some people can not afford a professional camera or a photographer to take pictures of your space or products. Or sometimes you need to take a quick photo but your camera is not accessible. So the great news is that you don't have to settle for those drab looking pictures that your phone takes. You can still make them look great by using Photoshop to edit and UPGRADE them and make them look like a professional photographer took those photos!

So in the video below, I will be showing you how to edit your photo to go from.... 


UGH, not so great,  not ready to be shared with the

...Bright, colorful, and ready to be shared on your blog or website! 


I only used two tools in Photoshop: The 'DODGE TOOL' (located in the toolbar, it looks like a lollipop) and the 'Camera Raw Filter' (located in the top menu under 'Filter').


Here is the link to the video for future reference! And hey, remember to share with your friends! 

xo, Rekita

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