The Social Media Platforms that Made ME the MOST Money...So Far!


Hey friends! August and far...has been the biggest months for Rekita Nicole Design Studio this year. I have been more active on mostly all social media. And guess what? It has truly helped me gain more readers and help my business.  Before August, I was trying to get my "so-called" life together and my blog and business were being neglected. I told myself that I need to be more engaging and more strategic on how I use social media to bring or I mean LEAD people to the Rekita Nicole Experience.  Yes, I said Experience, like Prince and the Experience!  Anywho, there are two particular platforms that I put my heart and sweat and strategic planning into and that is Pinterest and Instagram. Those two platforms have made me the most money so far...and here is how.



Pinterest is by far my biggest promoter, supporter, attention grabber, and I don't know any other words to describe what this platform does for me. I make all of my blog posts "pinnable" and I make it easy for others to pin my stuff. I always pin my design work. The things that have really catapulted me into success with Pinterest was organizing my boards, joining Pinterest groups, and treating Pinterest like it wasn't for me but like I was curating for YOU GUYS! 

So people started to see a little buzz about Rekita Nicole, even though I was pinning other people's stuff (P.O.P.S. I just made that up). My profile has the link to my website and so people were starting to click on it. And that is when they see my site, my work, and then they BOOK me for their design project. BOOM. Mind is blown!  Visit my post on how to grow your following on Pinterest and potentially gain more money for your honey...jar. 



Instagram has always always always brought me business. I always post my latest design work or behind the scenes work. When I do posit my design work I always tag the client. This prompts them to share the post with their friends or Instagram followers.  The biggest things I did on Instagram was I rebranded it (giving my feed a more cohesive look) and I started  a new account and wanted to gain more of a loyal fan base. Oh and I use hashtags! But most importantly,  always make sure you display  "who you are", "what you do", and a link in your profile.  On my Instagram posts, I always say "VISIT THE LINK IN PROFILE". This prompts the person who is interested in your post to go click that link!

So after a person see what I designed for another person, they get inspired to click on the link  in my profile and they BOOK me! Yep, it's sort of that easy. But you have to be consistent and persistent! noticed  I said "so far", right?

Other platforms I am tryingto monetize is Twitter, my Email List, and Periscope! I am seriously taking my emailing list to a whole 'nother level. I already have a good number of subscribers but of course I want to bring more people into my crew or my tribe. And with Periscope...I have already haveseen some results from doing broadcasts and from my friends mentioning me on their broadcasts. I highly suggest you get on board with Periscope, it is a great tool to meet friends and your potential clients/customers! 

So what platforms are your biggest money makers?

So don't forget to follow me on Pinterest and Instagram!

xo, Rekita