How To Brand your Secondary Income



Erin Trusner /  Owner & Principal Designer of Trusner Designs, LLC

Erin Trusner is a true Oklahoma girl & graphic designer specializing in small business branding and invitations for all occasions.

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You have a second business to support yourself or your family. So does your best friend. And your other friend. And even that one person who really isn’t a close friend but knows all of your social circle and can easily earn their business if you don’t work fast and hard enough. Of course, you don’t truly have time for that because you have an actual full time job, too! RATS.

I know this sounds familiar to a LOT of you. Fear not…there are a multitude of things you can do to make the limited number of hours you have during the week to spend on your secondary business count in BIG ways. What’s even better is you don’t have to do them all at once –just pick one, and I am going to tell you what that “one” is very soon!

I work with a lot of small business owners who truly believe in the products they are selling – SeneGence, Younique, Rodan+Fields, LuLaRoe, and Plexus just to name a few. If you fully back the quality and practices of the company you’ve selected as your secondary income, then congratulations! That will get you SO much further because you are selling and promoting a set of products in which you already believe. Loving what you do makes you WANT to come home from that 8-hour-plus job and sit down to do it all over again while balancing making dinner, bathing the kids and figuring out the exact source of that funky smell coming from your husband’s pickup that he just can’t seem to find on his own (re: the chicken you requested he pick up from the store three days ago and thought he forgot - #gag).

So, what do you DO with those limited number of hours and minutes? Whether you’re just getting started or have a rockin’ small biz you’re seriously considering making your full time gig, you can present yourself to stand out and bring people TO YOU. Organic traffic is the pinnacle – clients coming to you for their products and services instead of the other way around. As with any business, large or small, the way you present your products, services and even yourself as the face of your company can be a complete game changer. So, what is the ONE thing from which I think every small business owner can benefit? BRANDING.

If you’re a part of a larger organization such as the ones I mentioned previously, they all have their own look and feel when it comes to branding. It’s what they let their consultants, presenters and distributors do with their own factions that makes a HUGE difference. Consult the company’s style or branding guide to see what you can (and cannot) do with your business – from graphic design to video content to social media posts. Make sure you are an expert and know that manual backwards, forwards, sideways, upside down and even when you’ve had too many margaritas at girl’s night so you do it right every. time.


Branding yourself as the face of the business.

Do you sell, love and swear on your sweet granny Eunice’s last words that LulaRoe’s leggings are a heavenly gift from above and that you would, indeed, wear them to a wedding if it was at all a smidgen appropriate to do so? Show me. Tell me. EVERY DARN TIME I come across your page, I want to hear about granny Eunice and how much she would have loved this product and why you do too….God rest her soul. Every time I see you, I will probably recall your story and that’s always a good thing. Remember, be professional, be fun and be YOU!


Branding and presenting your products in a way that is distinctive to you. 

You’re a Rodan+Fields junkie, but you can also make even the guards at Buckingham Palace cry with laughter if you told your Jell-O salad joke. Then make your videos funny! Show your personality. But please, only if the Jell-O salad joke is clean and appropriate for all ages. We don’t need Facebook banning your videos over here…because then no more selling that amazing skincare line! Sad face. If you’re not funny, don’t worry! Maybe you have a phrase you’re known for saying or a unique approach to making videos with a hidden talent. Use whatever your strength and unique characteristics are to set you apart from the rest.


Branding your personalized logo, printed and online materials. 

LipSense is LIFE. You hopped on board as a distributor the second before your third layer was even dry and haven’t looked back. You’re at the tippy top of the ladder and are seriously considering making ‘Pretty Pouts Per Priscilla’ your full time job. You started with nary a business card and now you have an arsenal of items at your disposal – swatch cards, Tips & Tricks/Application cards, Fave Five cards, a logo you can slap e’rywhere…you name it! Every time one of your clients looks in their wallet or business card holder, your item stands out the most…even if it isn’t the one in front. Incorporating colors, patterns, textures and any elements that reflect your personality (love horses? Hmm…pretty sure there are more than a few ways to incorporate that into a logo!) will help your customers recognize you instantly and could even become a conversation piece. You might consider hiring a graphic designer to create a personalized logo for you rather than using a big box vendor with pre-made options. They’re oftentimes hardly any more expensive and you get a look that’s completely your own. Reminder: consult that branding and style guide to make sure you’re playing within the rules. Then, let your imagination run wild!


Oftentimes I hear my clients say they had no idea what their branding options could be or what even goes into branding a business before we started working together. In the shortest way possible, branding is you. It’s reflecting your personality into every aspect of your business professionally and with flair. You want someone to see your Younique Facebook group, thank you note or business card and instantly KNOW to whom it belongs. You have arrived and you didn’t even walk into the room. That is the power of branding. That is the power of YOU.


*Bonus Tip – Brand the way you ask for referrals!

 So many times I hear my clients say they are scared or intimidated to ask for new referrals, especially when launching their businesses. This is when you need referrals the MOST (ok, you always need them, but you get my point)! Think about the ‘power of you’ and develop a special way to ask for new business from your existing clients who already love your product and – even more powerful – love you. Have a special video sign-off at the end of every live feed that asks for referrals. Incorporate a line onto your thank you notes that you send with every purchase. Or, pick up the phone (whaaaat?!) to thank a repeat client for another order and ask them if there’s anyone else you could help. I know you guys n’ gals will come up with FAR more creative ideas than me! If you don’t ask, you oftentimes won’t receive…even if your customers swear by your products. Most clients are perfectly willing to pass your name to a friend over another person who sells the same products as you if you simply ask them to do so. Just remember to sincerely thank the referring party as soon as possible after receiving a new referral as they will be more likely to do it again if they feel the love from you. Referrals are the greatest compliment any client can give to you!


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