Let It Go: 5 Things Holding You Back In Business

Entrepreneurship has always been my thing. My muse, my obsession. Even when I didn’t know what I wanted to do with my life, I knew I wanted to have my own business. It seemed like life’s Holy Grail. It was the path to a fulfilling lifestyle, a way to obtain financial freedom, and a way to do what you love while “adulting.” From the outside looking in, somehow entrepreneurship made life look easier and better. Fast forward to actually becoming a business owner, and life was definitely not easier or better. At least, not in the way I had envisioned it, and not because of my becoming an entrepreneur. My entrepreneurship journey taught me things about myself, I never imagined learning, and it forced me to grow up for real. Growing older doesn’t always correlate with a growth in maturity. This life demanded that of me. Sacrifices have been made. My character and integrity were tested. Still my version of easier did show up. My life became easier from growing in wisdom, and it became better from learning what really matters, and having the flexibility to enjoy those things. Now the deeper I go on this journey, the more I realize what I actually want and need from this lifestyle. These realizations make the things I don’t want glaringly obvious. It is important for those of us who are serial entrepreneurs or multi-passionates, to ensure that not only are we making money, but we’re fulfilled by our work. In order to do this, we may need to let go of some things so we can move forward as happier entrepreneurs. Seriously, make your own list, and then let it go.

Here are my 5 “let it go,” suggestions.

1. Fear

Fear consistently shows up whenever there is a new hurdle to cross in your business. It can make or break you, so your response is important. Don’t give up. Recognize it as a signal that you have approached the next step so move forward with as much confidence as you can muster. Because fear will continue to show up, you will need to let it go more than once. 

2. The Need for Validation

Needing validation is problematic because it puts our confidence in our abilities in the hands of others. This is totally separate from finding our tribe or being worthy of referral business. The need for validation appears as an obsession with social media status, or constant comparison and competition.

3. Money Worries

Finances are a normal business concern, but worrying never changes things. It definitely doesn’t help you attract more money either. Most people’s thoughts about money are negative, so it just plain feels good to let those feelings go. Work your system, or plan of action, and then let things be what they are going to be. Learn, and then move on. 

4. Perfectionism

Having high standards is a great thing. We are driven towards being great because of them. Yet, there is a point we can reach where having high standards can go too far. Perfectionism can lead us toward stress, anxiety, and critique or judgment of ourselves and others when we fail to meet our standards, or those of others. Realize that some things are just out of your control. Take a step back sometimes to admire or enjoy what you have built. Pat yourself on the back, and give yourself props where props are due. 

5. Competition

You are not in competition, you’re in collaboration. With everyone. Period. Many of us do the same types of work. Thousands of people become doctors, accountants, and lawyers every year, and it works out for them. It works the same way for creatives and passion based business owners. What is meant for you is for you, and there is no need to fear that someone will take your place, or that you must hold onto your knowledge or resources with tightly clenched fists. Each of us is different and unique. That’s why there’s room for everyone. No one else can be you.


About the Author

Sabrina Brawner is the owner of The Weave Shop, a franchise based hair salon, and a personal growth and success coach.  She helps entrepreneurs step out of their comfort zones, and create businesses that are purposeful, authentic, and profitable. An avid Googler and self-professed student of life, when she's not researching things, Sabrina enjoys creating music and poetry.

  Business Owner /Speaker/Writer/Author

Business Owner /Speaker/Writer/Author

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So remember: 

Let go of fear, the need for validation, money woes, the need to be perfect, and choose community over competition. 

Rekita Nicoletips, guest post