Stuck in a Facebook Rut? Increase Engagement on Facebook with these 6 types of Posts


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Creating content for Facebook isn’t easy. Coming up with engaging images, ideas, and knowing exactly what to post isn’t easy. In fact, it’s such a struggle that biz owners stop posting ::: That is a BIG no no! If you are discouraged, frustrated, and tired of dealing with Facebook, I am hoping that this blog post will help you in creating engaging Facebook posts.

Yep…Facebook posts where you will get  likes, comments, and even shares, crazy right?! Read on to see how to Get Out of Your Facebook Rut & Increase Engagement with These 6 Types of Posts!


People love quotes. Quotes are a great way to inspire your audience or make them laugh. Typical quotes that can be easily shared are ones that cover the day of the week, a holiday, an event that is occurring, or an inspirational quote. Quotes of all kinds tend to be a share magnet on Facebook. Need some inspiration for some feel good quotes? Check out my Inspirational Quotes Pinterest board!

2. Affiliates

Affiliates are a great way for bloggers to show off their personal style with readers and honestly a way to make $$! So why not create a Facebook post about them? In your post, share a crisp image, include the affiliate link, tag the company, and add {affiliate} like this. And that’s it. The company that is tagged will see that they were tagged and this could be a great opportunity for a deal with them in the future. Win / Win!

3. Questions

Asking a question is a great way to increase engagement. Most people are eager to get into a conversation, but they prefer a fun one. Try asking a question that is related to your brand. For example, if your focus is on your DIY Home, ask their opinion about an interior design look. Give them some eye candy, a conversation starter, and care about their opinions and the comments will start flooding in.

Here is an example: A chic home office anyone? (always include source link, use to shorten your links)

4. Brand Posts

Branded posts that share your content are a must! That’s why we do all of this right, to share our brand. Just please make sure that your photos are clean, crisp, and clear. Don’t forget about the amazing Haute Chocolate Stock Image Library – read more on the Holy Grail of Feminine Stock Images here!

5. Share

Sharing content from other bloggers in your field are a good way to increase engagement. Here is an example of how to do this:

Jenna from @Rainonatinroof (tag them) found 14 stunning home ideas all in the same place! Head over to her blog to view these amazing designs; Fair Warning: you’re about to get stunned –>> The blogger who’s content is shared will be oh so thankful. They may even share your content in the future. Either way this is a great way to build relationships with fellow biz owners. Be social, interact, and share!

6. Videos

Camera shy? I feel you. I hate seeing myself on camera or hearing my voice. However, video posts…even the 15 second long videos…get wonderful engagement. I am talking about the unplanned ones of you having your coffee in the mornings, parked outside of your kid’s school waiting to pick them up, or of you during your normal day. Your audience wants to get to know you and videos are a great way to achieve this. I suppose we can work on the camera shyness together?!