What Your Brand Says About You

Brittney "Bee" / a Graphic Designer & Brand Strategist from Cleveland, OH. Owner of Bee Fells Creative LLC.


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When you think of the word "brand" the first thing that comes to mind is a logo. Whether its for clothing, automobiles, food, etc. All you need is a dope logo and a cool product, right? WRONG!

Branding is so much more than just a visual reminder. It's what fuels that reminder that matters the most. A brand is a "reflection of the relationship an organization has with it's customers." How do you build that relationship? The answer is STRATEGY. How, what, when, where, and to whom you plan to use to communicate with your target market is all part of a larger strategic plan, and your logo is only part of that equation. Not using a strategy will only cause you to pour time and money into promotional materials and building messages that will yield no return.

Begin to visualize your perfect customer as an actual person. Let's call her "Sheila." Sheila, is 25 to 30 years old, and has an appreciation for high-end work out gear. You just so happen to provide excellent fitness apparel with a great message at an affordable price. How in the world will you get Sheila to want what you have to offer? It's simple. You have to get your message to where Sheila likes to hang out, what social media she likes to use, and place ads on the sites that she frequents most. Your strategy should be geared to winning over the Sheilas of the world!

So, here are some pointers for bagging that ideal customer/client:

1. You must be Unique:

What is going to set you apart from those in your area/field? How can you make Sheila see that you are worth her time, attention, and most of all: her money?!

2. You must present yourself as a Relevant resource.

No one wants to buy into anything that doesn't solve a problem that they are experiencing. Does your workout gear provide both comfort and great fashion sense? If so, get that across to your Sheila in her own buying language!

3. You must remain Consistent.

The materials that you are using to assist your branding strategy must be fluid and easily recognizable. Whether it's the posts you upload to your social media pages, or the look of your flyers & promotional materials (irrelevant posting will turn your followers off in more ways than one).

Your branding strategy will ALWAYS be the most important investment for your business. Nurture it, and consistently feed it unique and relevant information.