My Branding & Web Design Process

Hey peeps! So I have been busy busy busy helping my clients launch their brands, rebrands, and websites. But behind the scenes, there is a lot going on that many people are not aware of.  Today I am sharing the behind the scenes of my branding and web design process that my clients experience. I am using the beautiful Madison Short from Madison Short Photography for my example. She specializes in wedding photography and let me tell, her photos are GORGEOUS!!!!!! We just rebranded and launched her new website last week for her photography business! I am so happy for her! 

Getting to Know the Client

First, all prospective clients fill out a design inquiry form and they are added to my New Client emailing list. They then receive a Hello & Welcome email that that thanks them for filling out the form and prompts them to fill out a design questionnaire. This questionnaire helps me to get to know more about their business and branding needs. This is also when a prospective client schedule a phone or Skype call. this phone call is so important because it created the opportunity for the prospective client to get to know me and to see if we are a great fit. 

The Moodboard

I asked Madison to create a shared secret Pinterest board to gather inspiration for her re-brand. Based on the information I gathered from the design questionnaire, our phone consultation, and the pinterest board, I created a moodboard that would best exemplify her branding. Madison wanted her branding to be bright, but clean. She loves the ocean and she is a sorority girl, so we made her branding Nautical and Preppy.  I create all of my moodboards in Adobe Photoshop. 


Creating the Logo

After we agreed on her moodboard which includes the colors and style of her brand, we start the logo design process. Madison wanted her logo to be like a monogram.  The logo process can be tedious. Details really matter when designing a logo for your client. You want it to be unique but relevant to their business. You also have to think about how the logo will look on the screen or on paper. We went through a series of logo concepts and Madison decided that she adored that last logo. I created all of her logos using Adobe Illustrator. 

Designing the Website

So after deciding the logo for Madison Short Photography, I start on the design of Madison's website. Which is the fun part! I designed her website using a Squarespace template, the Fulton. I loved the full width capabilities of the Fulton template, but to make her website unique, I used CSS and HTML.  I did test out a few of Squarepace templates before deciding on the Fulton. 

Madison already had her domain and subscription to Squarespace in place. She wanted her website to be clean and bright so that her beautiful photography can stand out. Madison also wanted a blog page to write about her experiences as a photographer  and to show case her photos, so I created blog a page with a fake sidebar.  Since she specializes in wedding photography, I also wanted her to have a space for her to showcase her photo galleries. 



Creating the Brand Style Guide

After the website is done, I reassess Madison's entire branding, all the way from the logo to the website. I want to let Madison go with her knowing the overall style of her brand which includes her color scheme, fonts, and style. Creating the brand style guide is actually my favorite part of the process. This is where you can see the entire brand come together.


Whew, seems like a lot, huh? Well to create a beautiful brand and website takes alot of time, research, throwing away digital paper. There is no such thing as a rushed design job, in my opinion. I also think it is important to develop a positive relationship with your client by listening to him or her but also offering your expertise. Getting to know your client is sooooooooooo important. Know what they love, what their passions are, and also what they absolutely dislike. It was a pleasure designing for Madison Short Photography. Madison she knew exactly what she wanted, she had her content ready, and she trusted me. 

This was an added bonus, after completing everything, I created a brand style kit for her new brand! 

So I hope this peek behind my branding and web design process has helped any designers out there! 

xo, Rekita