6 ways to not be Basic on Social Media!

When running a business, especially an online business, it is so important to show your presence around social media. Whether you use instagram, pinterest, twitter, or Facebook, you always need to be strategic in how you show off your work, products, or even YOU!  One thing you do not want to be is basic, you know...plain, unordinary, not unique.  In order to to be “non-basic” you must stand out from the rest and think outside of the box. 

Here are some ways to be NOT basic is social media when it comes to your business. 


Choose the social media platforms that best fit your business niche. 

You don't have to post or be present on all social media platforms. Honestly, I am loyal to only 3 when it comes to my business. (Instagram, Pinterest, & Twitter). Choose which ones that help your business the most. For instance, Instagram and Pinterest are my biggest promoters because they rely heavily on visual content.  IG and Pinterest is where I will post my latest design work, and the n I int turn receive more clients.  Twitter is my next biggest promoter because that is where I share my own content and others' content. When you share other people's content , you create a community and become more trustworthy within your niche and audience. 


Show your face! 

It seems so simple, but there are so many business out there on social media that have eggs as the face of their brand. Show that face, boo! People want to know who they are working with and who they plan on building a relationship with. Or if you have a brand/business that has a team, show off that logo. You want to be recognizable and distinguishable. When using your own face as a your brand through social media, make sure that it fits within your Brand. For example, my brand consists of bright colors. So my profile photo will always display my brand so that I am instantly recognizable. It may also be best to use the same picture across all social media platforms. 

Remember:  When a brand is recognizable it is trustworthy.

show your face1.png


Don’t be basic in your bio! 

There are so many ways you can make your bio "not" basic. But one thing is for sure, you need to let people know what it is you do and how you can serve them. Also, have fun with your bio. Show of your personality and try not to follow trends. Please, do not copy someone else's bio! This goes for Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, and Facebook.

I love how Jilliana described herself in her bio. She tells you what it is she does and how the people she serves. This makes me want to click on her website to learn more about her and her business. 

I love how Roni from Style&Poise uses emojis to spice up her instagram bio. She made her bio stand out but she still tells people who she is, what she does, where she is located, and where she can be reached. (isn't here profile photo gorgeous, though, sheesh!)

Remember: Always include a clickable link to your website, a product, or content upgrade on your social media profile . 


Join groups and chats

This may sound weird or like an oxymoron, but one way to stand out and "not be basic" is to join Facebook groups and participate in Twitter chats. Facebook groups allows you to interact with other people in your niche and gives you the opportunity to network.  When I interact with people in Facebook groups such as, The Content Club with Maya Elious, it gives people people the opportunity to click on my profile and learn more about me. I also click on other participants or group members to find out more about them. I have gained several clients and friendships by interactions with people in facebook groups. 

The same goes for Twitter chats. Twitter chats are a great way to show off your ideas, expertise and share them with other people within your niche. You stand out by introducing yourself during the chat and letting others know what your expertise is in.  By sharing your ideas and expertise with others, it makes you seem very trustworthy and people will click on your profile to want to learn more. Most importantly, have fun during twitter chats. People tend to pay attention to those who are really engaging and enjoying themselves while sharing information. 

Remember: Don't be selfish with your gift and ideas. People will trust you more if you share even if you are share some pitfalls. Remember you are here to serve and help others. 


Be consistent with content

Another great way to stand out is to be consistent with your content. Whether it be with your images or your text. Consistency equals trust. (There goes that word trust again). When a brand or business is consistent, people will know what to expect from them and people will continue to follow them. But make sure your "consistent" content is distinguishable and represents your brand. Don't be basic and follow trends. 

Below are some examples of  people are very consistent on Instagram. Color & Code Creative use pastel colors though out their Instagram feed. Tiffany Ima displays her personal style and pops of color to represent her brand on instagram feed.  

To also stand out, you need to combine your visuals and text to be consistent. Alisha from theAlishaNicole.com, consistently shares tips and information on how your business can be profitable. She also consistently shares this information on instagram feed as well.  


Remember: Be visible and Post often. No one will remember you or how you can serve them if you hide. 


use your own voice

When chatting on Twitter, enter captions on Instagram, and writing posts on Facebook, it is important to use your own voice. Write like how you would be talking to your friends while eating tacos. When you try to use another voice or be someone else, it always comes off as fraudulent and believe me people will not. So if you aren't witty, don't be witty. If you are super calm, be super calm. Be your own voice! You will not please everyone one, that is what basic people do! 


Some of these tips, I know for sure I need to work on. Practice what you preach right.  In order for my business to thrive, I knew I needed to stand out. There are so many designers out there (millions) to be just basic. You have to have to have to be UNIQUE!

So let's get it! 

xo, Rekita