Recently Launched: Life Before Eternity

The Brand Board

Hey y'all! It has been long time since I have actually blogged and an even longer time since I posted a recently Brand and Website Launch! Today, i am feature the rebound and redesign for Life Before Eternity.

ABOUT the Author

Titania is a Christian Lifestyle coach that empowers believers to Live Christ Out Loud!

About the Site

Life Before Eternity is a community for believers that want Bible-centered resources that help them live out God’s truth in practical ways. Upon visiting the site you will be showered with articles, workbooks, workshops, challenges, videos, podcasts, and other goodies to help you meet your goal.

The Rebrand

Titania wanted a fresh new start and wanted her brand to have bright and bold colors. she wanted her brand to send a message to her readers and future readers that you live Christ out loud! So I created moodboard that would best exemplify that message.


The Logos

Once we established her color scheme, I started designing logo concepts. I created a main logo, and alternative logo, and her icon. 

The Website

Once we finalized her logos, it was time to create her site. Of course ,the site had to match her overall branding. I designed her website on  a Wordpress template, and it came out beautifully. 

Marketing collateral

After the website was poised and ready to be viewed, I worked on Titania's marketing collateral which included, social media covers, business cards, post cards, letterhead, and stickers! 

I had so much fun designing Titania's new online home! She came prepared with so many photos and so much content to share with the world. I wish her the very beast on the relaunch of Life Before Eternity