4 Effective Ways to establish Online Relationships

4 Effective ways to establish Online Relationships

I will admit, when I first started my business, I kind of stayed in my shell. I just thought that sharing posting was just enough and that eventually someone will see it and it will go viral. NOPE! Working from home with three little kiddos makes meeting new people and establishing relationships rather difficult. SO I knew I had to start some online relationships to build my business and brand. I started to engage more, collaborate more, not being afraid to speak to those who inspire me, and then I started sharing other people's stuff. When I started to do that, my audience grew and so did my clientele. I also started to establish trust among my peers within my niche. Trust is the foundation to establishing and building online relationships. Here are 4 effective ways to establish online relationships. 


1. Sharing

Sharing your content

Sharing your own content is like FREE advertising. Sharing your content from your blog or website to various online media platforms is a great way to bring people back home, your website. A great way to bring people back "home" is by doing a little name dropping. For example, when I write post I love to give examples of other creatives. I let those creatives know I name-dropped them by mentioning them in a tweet or Facebook, indicating that I have featured them in a post. This will more than likely prompt that said create to share the post that they are featured in. 

The best way to find out who shared your content is by looking at referrals.


sharing other people's content

You heard of the phrase, sharing is caring? Well, sharing other people's content shows that you care about their content and you care enough to share it to your readers/followers. I usually share others content by sharing it on Pinterest and by sharing it in twitter and mentioning their username. This lets the author know that I shared their content. You can also share their content by retweeting their tweet. When someone shares my content I always feel compelled to see who they are and what they do. Then I might want to establish an online relationship with him or her. If I believe in your content or your product, I will share it with the world. 

Remember that sharing content is not for you but it is for your readers and the author. Sharing establishes online relationships by showing that you care about valuable content and you do not mind sharing it with others who may benefit from it. 

2. Engagement

Engagement is so important when it comes to establishing online relationships. Your content can't just speak for it self, you have to speak for it and YOU! 


twitter chats

Twitter chats is a great way to establish online relationships. When I participate in twitter chats, I usually gain about 10 or more new followers or readers. Some of the followers I walk away with are people that I engage with on a daily basis and we have established a great online relationship. Twitter chats are great because it creates opportunity for people to come together to discuss a specific topic and you get to show off your skills and expertise to others. Twitter chats go pretty fast, so you must keep up with the conversation to get the most out of it.  

facebook groups

Facebook groups are a great way to engage with others in business or within your niche. The admin of a Facebook would usually pose a question or a topic to discuss, just like twitter chats. Some Facebook groups will let you promote your services and/or your recent blog posts. This is a great opportunity to engage with people within the group and visit their website and check them out! I have made a lot of clients from engaging in Facebook groups just by telling others what I do and what I offer. 



Commenting on a person's blog, twitter, or Facebook post is a great way to engage with others. It keeps the conversation about your content going. When someone comments on my blog post or an Instagram post, it prompts me to go check out their blog or social media profile. If I feel that we are a great fit or that I absolutely love their website (and content), I will follow them or become a new reader.  So, commenting on others' content or posts shows that you like what the author has to say and therefor, it initiates the start of an online relationship. 

Continuous engagement will help you establish many online relationships by showing that you are aware and willing to gain knowledge through others. Engagement also establishes trust and that you stand behind your content.

3.Following Others

According to a poll I conducted on Twitter, people mostly follow others that inspire them. It could be that the person has an aspiring feed, inspiring content such as quotes or helpful information, or that the person themselves is inspiring. So how can you connect with someone who inspires you? First you need to follow them, of course and then make contact. I remember I had a girl-crush on Gilit from The Bannerie, first I followed her and then I commented on one her post that I "had a crush on her". Her instagram feed really inspired me and inspired me enough to change how the look of my instagram feed.Turns out, she she contacted be (months later) that she had a crush on ME! We actually had a crush on each other's Instagram accounts, but anywho, we would have never connected if I never followed her or made some contact. Another example of how following others can establish online relationships, is that usually when a new person follows , I almost always click on that person's profile. If I am inspired by their content, I will always follow back. Follow for a follow

Sometimes, the concept of "follow for a follow" works when trying to establish online relationships. 

4. Collaboration


joint webinars 

Webinars are a great way to educate and inform a mass audience. It establishes trust and puts a stamp on expertise within your business or niche. Participating in a joint webinar with someone within your same niche will increase awareness of your brand and your expertise to people who may not otherwise have know of you. Since, the audience joined the webinar because they trusted one of  the hosts, you will gain trust from the other host's audience (vice versa).   Hence, establishing more and more online relationships. Below is an example of joint webinar that has already taken place with host Mattie from Mattieologie and Melissa from MelyssaGriffin.com.  Both ladies have a huge loyal audience, but imagine how both benefited from combining those their audiences together during one event.           


guest posts

Guest posts are a great way to establish online relationships, which is why offer guest posting for my blog! Just like webinars, guest posting brings awareness to the guest poster and perhaps new readers for their blog. When I publish a guest post, I promote the post and the author all over social media. I try to give the guest poster the most exposure as  I can so that they can establish new one relationships within my audience.  

So according to another poll I conducted, people think that ENGAGEMENT is the best way to establish and build online relationships. For the most part, all of these actions are some form of engagement. SO what is that telling you? It means get out there and start talking and interacting with people within your niche or with people you want to work with. Even step out on faith and email the person who inspires or email the person you want to collaborate with. They may need answer your email, they may say no, or.....they may say YES. But you have to step to. You can not establish or build any relationships just shelling out content. This was a hard lesson for me to learn. Get out of that cozy shell and SHARE, STALK/FOLLOW, COLLABORATE, and ENGAGE!



So here is a question for you:

How do you establish and build online relationships?

Rekita Nicole