Anatomy of the Perfect Homepage

Anatomy of the Perfect Homepage + Free Infographic Download

Hey Fam! Yes, I love to think of my reader as family. or friends or homies...or whatever. Anywho, as it pertains to my business, my website is my home and my social media platforms are my cars (2017 Audis preferably). My website is where I want people to go to learn more about me and my services, and my blog.  Where is the first place people go or the first people see when entering your home. Your living room. When you invite people over, your living/family room accommodates your guests, right? So think of homepage as your living room at home. Your homepage should accommodate your readers/audience. 

So in your living room you have seating and some sort of other words, you have something for your guest(s) to do. Your homepage should give your reader tons of stuff to do. So what should go on your homepage?

Your Mark (Your Logo)

This is what makes you stands out from the rest, so it should be one the most visible item on your homepage. Although your logo is only "part" of your brand, it is a big deal for your homepage and should be the first thing a person sees. 


Give your readers some places to go besides the homepage. Where can they contact you, where can they learn more about services, and where is your blog? These are some examples of items that you should have in the navigation/menu area. You can also guide them to other places you dwell such as various social media platforms. 

Your One-Liner

Your one-liner tells people what its si you do and what you can do for them, For example, mine says "Designing Color Poppin' Brands & Websites for Poppin' Entrpeneurs." I am telling my audience what I do, what I can do for them, and who I do it for. 

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Who are you?

Tell your audience who you are. This gives them an idea of who they are trying to connect with, who they are eventually going to work with, and who they will be buying from. Including a picture of your or your featured product is a major plus. 

Your Services

Include your services on your homepage. This shows your audience what problems you are going to solve for them. 

Testimonials or Recent Work

By adding testimonials and/or recent work to your homepage, your audience or customers will see value in your work and you will build trust as well.  Having testimonials on your homepage will show people really do value you your work or services and entice people to want to work with you.

A Call to Action

Give your audience something to to and make them stay on your page awhile. When you invite people to your home, you have to at least entertain or feed them to make them stay while. So you could do that by putting a call to action on your homepage. Feed your audience and make them want to stay at your house! 

Your Opt-in

You should have opt-in section on your homepage, whether it is located at the top or at the bottom of your homepage. Having an opt-in on the homepage intrigues people to subscribe to your mailing list.

Remember that your website is your home. Be welcoming, be entertaining, and be informative for when your guests (readers) first drive on your page! 

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xo, Rekita

Anatomy Of The Perfect Homepage

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